Hello and Welcome to the Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute!

You have arrived at a unique website. It’s actually a hub site or blog network that connects you with professionals who have expertise in helping people improve a particular type of relationship, or relationship issue, or bring culture or language-specific Relationship Toolshop® programs and resources to their country.

While they each have highly specialized areas of expertise, they are committed to helping people discover, learn, and apply a unique problem-solving formula you’ll only find in programs and resources bearing the Toolshop® brand name. It’s called the Universal Blueprint® for Relationship Success.

You can learn more about our founder and the history of how The Universal Blueprint® was discovered and The Relationship Toolshop® came to be.

See the results of a ten-year research study and hundreds of testimonials sprinkled throughout this site, which show how effective the Universal Blueprint® can be in helping you improve all your relationships.

To learn more about the unique “Universal Blueprint® for Relationship Success Formula” and what it is, register for our free course, which provides a basic introduction.

To find information, education, and support around improving a particular relationship type or issue or for your country, visit our vast e-library, with courses and resources for each kind of Toolshop® we have — and if you are a family life education professional with training programs you want to offer or are a credentialed expert in a new niche, find out how you can co-create a new Toolshop® niche division of services and resources!

We look forward to getting to know you better and seeing how we can support you in creating healthy relationships in every area of your life.

Yours in Service,

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