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Friday, October 15, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Our History

Relationship Toolshop® Offers A Proven Universal Plan

For Building Healthy Relationships

That You Can Tailor To Fit Your Individual Needs!

Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute, LLC was founded by Jody Johnston Pawel, a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator and second-generation parent educator.

To understand the history of Relationship Toolshop® you must first know…

A Brief History of The Parents Toolshop®

While Pawel was teaching parenting classes to the community in the late 1980s and working as a social worker for a non-profit agency in the early 1990’s, she developed the “Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success.” It was based on an eight-year literature research project on effective parenting skills and noticing that when parents in her classes learned and used the skills in a particular order, it dramatically improved the positive results they experienced. 

In 1995 she founded Parent’s Toolshop® Consulting (PTC) to handle the demand of all the speaking requests that were coming in due to the success of her programs. Other parent educators within the state were hearing about the results Pawel’s programs were getting and asking if they could teach them, so that same year she developed a Group Facilitator Certification program overseen by a peer-review Standards & Practices Committee.

Pawel independently published her parent education book/curriculum through Ambris Publishing in 1997.  By 2000, The Parent’s Toolshop® was in bookstores nationwide and Pawel was traveling the country training parents and family-service professionals. 

For nearly 10 years, PTC invested in training Pawel in business systems and online marketing.  PTC spent tens of thousands of dollars for training with some of the top publishing, speaking and internet marketing experts in the world, including:

  • Publishing & Book Marketing: Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Michael Port (Book Yourself Solid), Kim Dushinski & Tami DePalma of MarketAbility, consulting with NYC agents…and more.
  • Speaker Marketing: Dottie Walters, Kathleen Gage, Tom Antion, Lori Giovannoni, and more.
  • Internet Marketing: Michael Port (Book Yourself Solid), Mitch Meyerson (best-selling parenting author and co-creator of Internet Guerilla Marketing), Jay Abraham, Gina Gaudio Graves…and more.
  • Branding: Rosemary Davies Janes and Debbie Allen.
  • And invested in dozens of books, audios, videos and live, personalized training/coaching programs.

Despite all of this top-notch training, one thing became obvious…

Their strategies and tactics just didn’t work in the family life education field. Instead, these experts usually suggested that PTC pick a different target market, preferably one that was business-related, since there was more income potential there.

While their suggestion may have made PTC more profitable, our passion and purpose was to serve parents, so it wasn’t a practical suggestion. And while making money wasn’t the driving force behind the decision, the business obviously needed to be profitable enough to cover the costs and provide a way to expand and serve more parents.

As PTC figured out what did work, Pawel became the recognized expert in marketing within the family life education field. She was asked to write articles and chapters for textbooks and to offer workshops at national conferences on the subject of marketing family life education programs.

Today dozens of Group Facilitators provide Parent’s Toolshop® programs throughout the United States as well as in several other countries. National publications regularly quote Pawel’s advice and radio and television shows throughout North America regularly interview her on a variety of parenting topics.  Click here to learn more about Jody Johnston Pawel or the history of Parents Toolshop®.





How Relationship Toolshop® Came To Be:

Pawel continually received feedback from her class participants that what they were learning not only improved their relationships with their children, but they also improved their relationships with their spouse, their work colleagues and other adults. 

Then results of a ten-year outcome-focused research project on The Parents Toolshop® found that 92% of the 1295 parents studied said they successfully used the Universal Blueprint® and its skills to improve their adult relationships.

This provided evidence that the skills and techniques presented in The Parent’s Toolshop® were easily adaptable and could be used to improve relationships in all areas of your life.

She was frequently asked to give presentations on how to apply the Universal Blueprint® to different relationships, such as The Couple’s Toolshop®, The Business Toolshop® and Teacher’s Toolshop®. While she knew the Universal Blueprint® well enough to teach its use in any relationship and facilitate discussions about how the participants could apply it, she was limited in how deeply she could serve them since she wasn’t an expert in all relationships. She wished that someday she’d figure out how to meet these requests and serve their needs.


That Wish And Dream Came True Decades Later.

In December 2010, PTC Founder, Jody Pawel, was “coincidentally” introduced to Gina Gaudio Graves’ of Directions University. (Of course, there are no coincidences; it was serendipitous Divine intervention!) 

Gina suggested that PTC already had all the pieces it needed to become a successful international parent education/information/training website that would serve parents instead of ‘selling’ them.  All it needed was the “puzzle box picture,” so that we would know exactly where to put each piece of the puzzle in order to leverage everything PTC already had — a parenting curriculum, a book and other resources, parent classes, leader licensing program, etc.

Once Gina saw what all we had, she mentioned something we’d never heard of before — a new type of website system called a “hub site” that Gina had custom-designed to have more built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features than any other website system. The biggest benefit of a Hub Site, though, was just what PTC was looking for… it could offer content and products from many different sites!

Once Gina heard about the Universal Blueprint® system and how it can be used to improve any relationship, she suggested the hub site could be used to teach people how to improve all their relationships, through separate but connected sites on the hub site network! This meant that we could easily partner with other relationship-niche experts to build a site that showcased the experts’ businesses while providing a one-stop-resource for improving any relationship using the Universal Blueprint® for Relationship Success.

Since relationship experts are usually social service professionals, they usually lack formal training in marketing and information technology. Given that Pawel already was an expert in marketing family life education programs and had a full administrative and technical support team, PTC could do what no other Expert training programs offer, hands-on training, technical support and done-for-you services!

The Creation of Relationship Toolshop®

PTC started moving its original HTML website to a blog and saw dramatically better results within weeks — before we had moved the entire old site, did any marketing or started trying to drive any traffic to the blog site!

So PTC committed itself to this new long-range strategic plan and shared the plans for a hub site with its existing network of certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitators through one-on-one strategy sessions with each leader, to see if they wanted to stay on as a Group Facilitator in the new system or upgrade to Relationship Toolshop® Expert. Almost all of them said they had a secret dream of being able to teach a modified version of the Universal Blueprint®, specific to a particular type of parent, relationship or culture they had a passion to serve! It was a serendipitous experience that PTC was now going to be able to help them make their career dreams come true! 

So before the hub site ever existed, just months after the new PTC blog debuted, over a dozen already-certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitators chose to join the newly-named Relationship Toolshop® Expert hub-site team. As our Founding Experts, they already knew the Universal Blueprint® system. So PTC, with the help and resource sharing of Gina, started training them the business strategies and marketing systems we knew worked and used our team and resources to develop their relationship-specific sites, programs, and resources.

In January 2013, PTC finally launched the www.RelationshipToolshop.com Hub Site network. Each Expert’s sub-blog focuses on a different relationship type or issue or brings other Experts’ programs and resources to different countries, with language- and culturally-specific teachings.

Everyone saw the potential for worldwide use of the Universal Blueprint® and Relationship Toolshop® products and services as so promising. The content, business and technology systems we use are so unique it also caught the attention of some very big, very connected people that will be featuring us very prominently in something that will get national media attention in the Fall of 2013 and continue for two years. This put a spark in even the newest Experts to create their niche-specific resources and launch their sub-blog sites in time to leverage the attention it would bring to their businesses!

Each Relationship Toolshop® representative shares the vision of bringing these unique and highly effective educational products and services to the attention of every person worldwide who is committed to creating quality and harmonious relationships – at home, school, work, or in their community.