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Every Second of Every Day, You are in a Relationship.

You are part of a family, with parents, maybe siblings, and extended family. You might be a parent with your own children or caring for someone else’s children. You might have a partner and in-laws. You either have friends or want them. You also need to get along with the people where you work and any strangers you encounter along the way. But first and foremost, you have a relationship with yourself.

We are Here For YOU, to Educate & Support You in Improving each of All those Relationships.

Wherever you are in the world and in whatever relationships you have, you want them to be healthy and effective or they’ll just drag drama to your doorstep. Relationship Toolshop¼ is here to support you in that goal. We partner with a wide variety of qualified professionals who have expertise in certain relationships or relationship issues. They curate the most current, relevant, research-informed information into articles, resources, and programs that you can access anytime, anywhere. Some are offered live, both locally in person and online, and some offer group or private coaching, to support you in applying what you learn to your individual needs.

The Universal BlueprintÂź Success System

Programs and resources that carry the Toolshop¼ brand teach part or all of the unique “Universal Blueprint¼ for Relationship Success System.” This simple step-by-step formula allows you to prevent common problems and plan helpful responses to challenges that arise. Once you know the system, it takes just a matter of seconds to know what’s happening, why it’s happening, and exactly what to say or do that is specific to that situation, with that person, at that moment, to get the best outcome.


Years in Service

Our founder has 40+ year experience and all our trainers are trained and experienced

Trainers Certified Worldwide

Our coach and group facilitator certification programs help bring our programs to local communities

Clients Served Worldwide

We offer live in-person classes, live and evergreen online programs, and group or private coaching.

Satisfied Clients

Our program evaluation show 100% of participants rate our trainings as Excellent or Good

All our Programs & Services are Top Quality, Following Best-Practice Standards

We have been training adults for over 40 years to improve all their relationships.

Every program and service we offer meets the following standards in ways that also meet the needs of the diverse populations we serve:

Relationships with Children

Children are humans yet individuals, and their families are diverse.

Relationships with Adults

We have a relationship with ourselves, which we bring and show up as in our relationships with other adults

Family-Service Professionals

Anyone who works with families and individuals in families needs to know current, evidence-based practices

Coaches, Trainers & Experts

Each person has many relationship types and issues, so we partner with experts to co-create new programs.

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Author of Positive Discipline

The Parent’s Toolshop¼ is a comprehensive, practical guide for parenting children of all ages. The “Universal Blueprint¼” is an innovative way to choose helpful responses to problems, including those in adult relationships! Most important, the advice is positive and trustworthy. I highly recommend reading this book.

Rose Lounsbury, mother of triplets

I’m not sure exactly how to thank you for teaching this class. It has literally changed the dynamics in my home from a battle (complete with swearing, orders, and foot stomping) to a mostly cooperative, sometimes chaotic, but overall LOVING atmosphere. I am enjoying my children more than I ever have, because I have learned what to reasonably expect of them and how to teach them my expectations. What I’ve learned in this class will positively impact my family’s entire future. Thank you.

Cathy Miller, foster-adoptive parent

I have been a foster parent for 3 years and attend 10 hours of training each year. This is by far the most useful and helpful of all the seminars we have attended. It’s the one that gives me practical techniques that I actually use every day.

Jack Canfield, Co-author of the New York Times #1 best-selling Chicken Soup for the SoulÂź series

This is a fabulous resource for any parent. If you read this comprehensive book, you’ll likely have enough information to qualify for a B.A. in parenting from any university!

Chioma Patterson, foster-adoptive parent

I truly can take what I have learned from this class and use it with children and adults with positive results. The approaches that Jody has taught me facilitates better communication in my relationships at home and work.

Jim Rogers, M.Ed. CFLE, Parent and Family Life Educator, Coastal Carolina University,

You do a fantastic job providing great service not only to parents, families and trainers, but also to parenting professionals like me who are in constant need of sources of information and wisdom and knowledge that is effective. Not only is it effective, it is so well done in content, design and presentation. Thank You!

See How to Improve All Your Relationships!

Which Relationship do YOU Want to Improve TODAY?


If you are a parent or work with children or parents, check out our Parents ToolshopÂź programs and resources.


If you want to improve relationships with other adults, at work or home, personal or professional, check out our Relationship ToolshopÂź programs and resources

Family Professionals

If you are a family service professional who works with parents, check out our professional development programs and resources

Join Our Team

If you are a family life coach and/or educator or would like to become certified as a ToolshopÂź coach or trainer, check out the collaborative opportunities we offer.

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Virtual courses and resources for improving ADULT relationships 

Parents ToolshopÂź

Virtual courses and resources for improving relationships with CHILDREN

Foster-Adoptive Parents ToolshopÂź

Virtual courses and resources for trauma-informed parenting of all children, with special focus on children in care.

Christian Parents ToolshopÂź

Resources for Intentionally Raising Children to be Christians

Conscious Parents ToolshopÂź

Virtual courses and resources for using science-based holistic energy practices in parenting for spiritual growth opportunities.

Child Welfare ToolshopÂź

Virtual courses and resources for trauma-informed parenting focused on reunification and permanency for children.

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