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  • Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, CTSS

    Jody Johnston Pawel is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio, Certified Family Life Educator, and a Certified Trauma Support Specialist. She is the author of an award-winning parenting book and evidence-based curriculum called The Parent’s Toolshop® and has created over 100 multimedia parenting resources. Jody has trained and certified over 100 Toolshop® Instructors worldwide and over a dozen Relationship Toolshop® Experts, with whom she co-authors new Toolshop® training programs and resources that support people in using her unique “Universal Blueprint® for Relationship Success” to improve other relationships in their lives. Jody is a top-rated speaker who has trained over 50,000 parents and family-service professionals worldwide. She also has served as a parenting expert to the media for over 30 years, including being the Co-Producer and Parenting Expert for the Emmy-nominated “Ident-a-Kid” television series.

    You can check out Jody parenting programs at www.ParentsToolshop.com and connect with her around improving adult relationships at home and work here, at www.RelationshipToolshop.com.


    Jody has Received Many Presigious Reviews, Endorsements and Awards

    Jody has invested over 15 years training with some of the top publishing, speaking and internet marketing experts in the world. Based on what she learned, she’s written articles, presented workshops, and was asked to author a textbook chapter on the subject of marketing family life education programs. As a result, she is considered the expert on that subject within this profession.

    Jody is a top-rated speaker who has a uniquely entertaining, down-to-earth, yet informative presentation style. For over thirty years, she has trained tens of thousands of parents, parent educators, family-service professionals, foster parents, protective service case workers, child care professionals [and more] worldwide. She has also certified over a hundred Parents Toolshop® parenting coaches and parent educators worldwide.




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     Additionally, Jody is an internationally-recognized parenting expert with over 30 years of media experience. She has been a parenting expert columnist for nearly a dozen major parenting websites and her advice has appeared in nearly every major parenting magazine and newspaper nationwide. She was the Co-Producer and Parenting Expert for the Emmy-nominated Ident-a-Kid television series and is host of Parents Tool Talk Radio Show.

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    On the home-front, Jody is the mother of two adults who have already learned effective parenting as their first language, which they are using to raise Jody’s grandchildren.

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