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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

About the Universal Blueprint® Formula

Avoid Common Relationship Pitfalls
with Custom-Designed Solutions
That Fit Your Needs,
Using a Proven Step-by-Step Plan.

A Personal Message From: 
Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE
“America’s Parenting Problem-Solver” – – 
Radio-TV Interview Report

Don’t even think of buying another self-improvement or relationship building book until you read about the “Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula.” This letter offers an introduction to a once-secret step-by-step problem-solving system that can help anyone plan an individualized effective response to any relationship challenge — in minutes!

For the past 25 years I’ve taught thousands of people from diverse backgrounds not only relationship basics, but even highly advanced concepts and skills many counselors, therapists and family-service professionals don’t even know!


There’s so much about The Universal Blueprint® that I like. As a parent, it is so easy to react to problems. This offers so many healthy alternatives. As a counselor, I like the way I can apply the process to all relationships. There were so many things that even as a therapist, with all the training I’ve had, that I didn’t realize—like the myths about timeouts. I’ve been giving the same kind of advice lots of other professionals give—and assumed it must be right, because so many people believed it. This was a real eye-opener. — Ken Rogiers, M.A., Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc., OH







The individuals who learn the most and get the most results are those who:

  • Are open to ideas that long-term research have proven effective, but might be different than what their mother, neighbor or local newspaper say are the “best” ways to build relationships.
  • Focus on long-term results instead of quick fixes.
  • Are willing to invest a few hours each week for a few months to learn an easy-to-use problem-solving system that can prevent or resolve most common relationship challenges and improve every relationship in your life for a lifetime.

If you are committed to becoming the best person you can be, then you can learn a simple process that will free you from depending on anyone for adviceincluding relationship “experts” like me!

In this letter, you will see some bold promises about what you can accomplish by learning the Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula. If you read this entire letter, you will see that every claim has research backing it up.


Very Few People

Have Identified Their Relationship Goals;

Even Fewer Have a PLAN and

the Skills They Need to Achieve Those Goals.

When it comes to the language and action skills that are part of effective relationship building, “Loving others may come naturally, but effective relationship skills are learned. (And most people do not learn the most-effective skills in their own families.)


I’ve just finished Chapter 3, “Universal Blueprint®.” I am so thrilled by this comprehensive framework for parenting!!! As a grandmother of two and mother of two, I wish that I had this when I was raising my children. My own child rearing was haphazard to say the least, although I did the best I could with the information available. I’m sending a copy to my son, the father of my grandsons. — — Oshara Petaja, MT







When building relationships, there is not one “right” way to do something, but there are “more effective” and “less effective” ways to reach our relationship goals. Long-term research and consistent reports from thousands of individuals over 10-40 years can show you what is “effective.”

So the Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula is not one universal solution that supposedly cures any relationship problem. It’s a system anyone can use (it’s universal) to find an effective response to any relationship challenge — or prevent them from happening in the first place!

There are a gazillion potential relationship challenges — and each one needs an individualized response that fits the needs of the people involved and the situation. 

Do you feel overwhelmed thinking you need to be prepared to solve a gazillion potential relationship problems? Of course! So most of us say, “I’ll just figure things out as they happen.” 

People might have ideas and opinions about how to build relationship, maybe even have pretty good skills, but they don’t really have a plan for preventing problems or responding to those that arise. They just use trial-and-error to figure things out.


At work, I have weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals. To achieve these goals, I develop a plan that I think (and hope) will work. I attend workshops, seminars, and classes to learn better methods to work my plan. The Universal Blueprint®  formula has the same effect on working my parenting plan. – – Rich Munn, OH







Gives Quick Fixes That Seem to Work…
At First…
But Usually Has Negative Side-Effects
You Won’t See Until Later,
When You’ve Got a Bad Habit or a Bigger Problem!

Take this quick quiz: How many of these unexpected results have you experienced?

  • I try being flexible, but look wishy-washy instead.
  • I praise others, but they argue with my compliments!
  • I tell people not to do something, but they turn around and do it anyway!
  • When I try to negotiate a solution to a power struggle, I end up giving in!
  • When I set the rules, others seek and find loopholes.
  • When I do nice things for my children or others, they act like ungrateful brats and treat me like a maid, a chauffeur, a short-order cook and a doormat!
  • When I tell others to calm down, they get more upset!
  • When I try to get others to open up and talk, they clam up even more!
  • When I express my concerns, people roll their eyes and walk away.
  • I ignore the attention-seeking behavior and tantrums, like advice says I should, but then negative behavior gets so much worse I can’t ignore it any longer!
  • When I tell others their mean behavior hurts my feelings, they smile!

…and on and on it can go.

In each situation, do you know which tool could prevent or stop that situation from happening? (If you do or if you have never had any of these situations happen, then I’d like to recruit you as one of my personally-trained instructors — because these are all pretty common — even I have had them happen before!)


I am aware of some ways I have tried some of the things in the past, but now I have new ways to go about getting the results I want. I also have a better understanding of my child’s behavior and my own. – – Sandra Manning, OH







 Do You Want to Feel Confident
That What You Say and Do Today
Will Help You Reach Your Relationship Goals?

The Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula combines scientific research, ancient truths and common sense into a simple reliable user-friendly plan. This effective relationship building “system” offers you:

  1. universal plan for building effective relationships that
  2. Meets the individual needs of each situation, people involved from diverse backgrounds and
  3. Allows you to express your unique personal styleso you feel authentic using it.

Now I’m not asking you to try some “revolutionary, new” self-improvement techniques that I made up! People have been using some of these techniques for ages. Some self-improvement classes and resources have taught the skills and have long-term research over the past 40 years that show the skills work. The only thing I “invented” is the systematic way the tools are organized and how to teach people the skills — because you get the best results possible when they the skills are used in specific ways.


In the late 60’s, I taught P.E.T. for several years and then taught S.T.E.P. for another fifteen years. If The Parent’s Toolshop had been around back then, I would have definitely chosen it above those other curricula. I like the way the toolsets are put together and the whole process of putting it into categories. The logical sequence makes it so easy to use. I am so impressed with this program, I plan to keep several copies of the book in the office, so we can provide them to the parents we serve. – – Millie McCarty, M.A., L.P.C., President & Executive Director, Lighthouse Counseling Inc., OH


 Most People (And Family-Professionals) Are Skeptical






About a “Universal” Relationship Success “Formula”

…Until They Learn the Details 

and See 10 Years of Impressive Outcome Results…

Then They Thump Their Foreheads and Say,

“Why Didn’t Someone Think of this Sooner!?”

So let’s look at a couple of critical factors:

First, let here’s a little information about me and how I developed this “no-longer secret” formula, because I think it will help you see that this is not some fly-by-night idea.


This “Expert” Has Unique Qualifications to Teach Effective Relationship Building Skills:

  • Both of my parents were professional trainers, in parenting, marriage, self-improvement and relationship-building skills. I can testify from a child’s perspective how good it feels to be on the receiving end of these relationship building tools.
  • I used these skills to parent my children, in my marriage, and in all my relationships. My children are now young adults who have recently left the nest. I can attest, from a personal perspective, about the real-life challenges I’ve used these tools to solve. People often comment about what “good kids” I have — even people who don’t know me or what I do professionally. They aren’t perfect children and I’m not a perfect parent or person — because there is no such thing — but I had the tools to work through challenges that arose.
  • I have an advanced degree, social work license and certification in parenting studies and family life education. I also participate in dozens of hours of training each year and stay abreast of current research and issues in the family life education field. So from a professional social worker’s perspective, I understand the theoretical and philosophical basis for the effective relationship tools I teach. Jargon can be confusing, so I explain complex concepts in simple everyday terms.
  • I am a specially trained and certified second-generation parent educator with over 30 years’ experience. So literally tens of thousands of parents and professionals have shared their real life examples of the day-to-day crises they’ve successfully handled – or muffed and learned from.



This is the very best information, pulled from many resources. Jody is very knowledgeable about building healthy relationships, but is down to earth in presenting the information. This information needs to get to people everywhere. – – Rosalie Bausch, parent, grandparent, lay leader, OH


 It Could Take a Lifetime and Fortune 
to Figure All This Out Yourself — 
so This Will Save You Time & Money
by Having All the Hard Work Done for You!







Next, consider what it took to pull together this kind of comprehensive plan.

It took reading literally hundreds of books, articles, and research studies on building healthy relationships. Because of my life experience, upbringing, and professional education and training, I can recognize and weed out inaccurate advice and quick fixes that work in the short-run but have negative long-term results. You’ll get only the best, most-reliable, time-tested, proven-effective, practical effective relationship tools  — in a logical, organized, step-by-step format.


Your ideas are consistent with other resources I’m familiar with, but there are some things in their books I disagree with and I get so frustrated picking and choosing and screening them. It is so nice to finally find a resource that has done that for me. I can completely trust that it is comprehensive and accurate. – – Marla Hurst, parent, Adult Education teacher, OH







For you to independently compile, learn and master the 100+ most-effective relationship tools taught in Universal Blueprint® resources and programs, you would need to:

  • Spend at least 10 years reading hundreds of resources, collecting the best ideas in each resource
  • Spend at least 5 years reading research studies for evidence of each skill’s effectiveness — and spend hours each year reviewing current the latest research.
  • Take at least 4 years of college-level classes in subjects such as child development, family dynamics and psychology to understand the concepts, theories and philosophies that are the basis for the tools.
  • Get additional training in techniques for effective parenting and relationships, plus  the practical applications of those theories that are not usually taught in college.
  • Spend at least 1 year weeding out any inaccurate advice, ineffective skills or relationship myths.
  • Develop a system for categorizing 100+ tools so it’s easy to find tools when you need them.
  • Figure out exactly what to say/do with each tool to use it in the most-effective way to get the best results and avoid common misuses.
  • Organize the tools in some logical step-by-step order that will make it easier to learn, choose and use the tools.
  • Test the way to organize, teach and use the skills with several thousand individuals for at least several years to document the long-term results and prove it works.

 Well all of this has already been done for you!



I do this program 5 days a week. Regular listeners to the program know that we have a lot of  authors on the program. . . have for many years now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen – ever – any book as comprehensive. You can tell it’s a decade worth of work. – – Dr. David McMillian, Host of Strategies for Living, KFLO-radio, Shreveport LA






Universal Blueprint® Resources
Reference or are Consistent With
Relationship Experts You Already Know and Trust.

Here is a short list of the authors Relationship Toolshop® books reference☼ and/or who have endorsed♥ The Parents Toolshop:

  • Jack Canfield, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and President of Self-Esteem seminars and consulting ♥
  • Barbara ColorosoKids are Worth It! ♥
  • Stephen R. CoveySeven Habits of Highly Effective Families ♥
  • Dolores CurranTraits of a Healthy Family ☼
  • Donald Dinkmeyer, Sr. and Gary McKayThe Parent’s Handbook: S.T.E.P Systematic Training for Effective Parenting 
  • Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., Children: The Challenge 
  • Albert EllisA Guide to Rational Living ☼
  • Martha Farrell Erickson, Ph.D., Dir. of Children, Youth & Family Consortium, Univ. of Minnesota♥
  • Adele Faber and Elaine MazlishHow to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk ☼
  • Jim Fay and Foster ClineParenting With Love and Logic 
  • Thomas GordonP.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training 
  • Mary Sheedy KurchinkaRaising a Spirited Child
  • Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Positive Discipline series ☼♥
  • Dr. Dennis O’GradyTaking the Fear out of Changing ♥
  • Michael PopkinActive Parenting ☼
  • William Sears, M.D., Creative Parenting ☼
  • Gary Smalley, Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship 
  • John Gray, Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus 
  • Dr. Gary SweetenListening for Heaven’s Sake ☼
  • . . . and dozens more!


This book is incredible. Every chapter is so comprehensive. I learn so much. When I finish a chapter I think the next one can’t possibly be as good – – but it always is! I’ve read many books by the likes of Scott Peck, Stephen Covey and Melody Beattie. The Parent’s Toolshop pulls it all together and shows you how to live these revelations. This book is not just about parenting. – – Jeff Smith, OH







Sound Too Good to Be True? Sound like Hype?

The Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula 

And its Skills Have Already Been Proven Effective

by Thousands of People for Over Ten Years. 

(Some Skills Have over 40 Years of Proven Results!)


The first several years I taught this formula I saw dramatic results — but the results seemed almost too good to be true! I wanted to accumulate enough outcome results from enough people from diverse backgrounds to prove the results were real and lasting. So I kept this formula a secret for almost 10 years. It was worth the wait. I now have over 10 years of consistently impressive outcome results.  

Here are just a few of the results of 10 years of field test with 1295 people:

  • 77% (or 992 people) attended a 16-hour class and completed a pre/post skill assessment.
  • 83% of these 992 people (or 823 people) graduated.
  • 99.87% of those graduates (all but one) improved their skills.
  • On a scale of 11 points, the average improvement in skills was 2.40 points, from below the midpoint (5.41) to the “more skillful” range (7.81).
  • Nearly 20% scored in the highest skill range possible!

In participant evaluations:

  • 83% rated the program “excellent,” 100% rated it “good” or “excellent”
  • 96% said they learned new information
  • 100% said they would recommend the program to others.


Do You Get the Significance of Those Results? 
Read Them Again…Slowly.

Over the course of 10 years, ALL 100% of 1295 people — from all walks of life — rated their Toolshop® program “good” or “excellent” and said they would recommend the program to others. And all but 1 person out of all 1295 who took the class improved their skills.

Even more amazing is that long after we ended the official research study, evaluation results and skill improvement outcomes have remained the same — statistically significant!


There are many parenting classes in the Dayton area and we fund most of them. Our statistics show that none have even come close to achieving the results your classes achieve on a consistent basis. – – Linda Taylor, Community Initiatives Program Funding, United Way of Greater Dayton, Ohio







And the Results LAST!

Now that my son is almost eighteen and I see what a wonderful young man he is, I realize parenting is not all “luck.” I truly believe that 90% is because of the concepts I learned from you, when he was only three — and I’ll be forever grateful to you for that. I had no role model for parenting to look back on. I learned healthy parenting from YOU, and it’s given me the most valuable thing in my life, a healthy, close relationship with my son. – – Eva Polichany, Ohio

If you are still in disbelief or suspicious, then you are a die-hard skeptic like me. Why do you think this was kept a secret so long? I needed convincing, too. You may want to check out some of the free resources listed at the end of the detailed field test results, like the independent research projects that have been done.


When I read this letter, I thought, “Is this for real? It is too good to be true!” But I know from taking Jody’s class (twice!) that all the statements are true and her resources are fabulous! — —  Kay Lynch, Ambris Publishing Advisory Committee member, OH


You Can Have The Relationships of Your Dreams






Even Strangers Will Take Notice of How You Effectively Handle Relationship Challenges


  • Experiencing fewer problems because you know the simple secrets for preventing the most common relationship challenges people face — that most people (and even some family-service professionals) don’t know.
  • When problems arise, you are calm and confident. You are patient, have a level head and can think straight.
  • Asking 4 questions and knowing, within minutes…or seconds…what would be an effective response.
  • Choosing the best tools for the job…using the tools skillfully, in an order that gets you positive, long-lasting results…and reaching your relationship goals.
  • Becoming the kind of person you’ve always admired and wanted to be.


I have done a lot of reading and research to be an effective parent and this the most comprehensive, clearly communicated and exciting format that I have come across. I see the success of this information when I am in public with my children and adults compliment me on how well behaved my children are. I’ve even had strangers come up to me on the playground and ask me “Where did you learn to talk to your kids like that?” – – Carolyn McDermott, OH


 Now You Can Join Tens of Thousands of People

Who Have Discovered 

the 4 Questions and 5 Steps That 

Lead to an Effective Response to 

ANY Relationship Challenge with ANY Person








The Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula and its 100+ tools:

  • Help you respond to problems, instead of react to them, so you don’t accidentally make things worse.
  • Provide a reliable relationship planwhich helps reduce your frustration and gives you more patience and confidence.
  • Give you a balanced problem-solving style, so there is more cooperation and fewer arguments.
  • Increase the your self-esteem and the self-esteem of those around you, which improves motivation and performance without egotism or cut-throat competition.
  • Engage cooperation, without testing or power struggles, because they see the value in the win-win solutions you reach!
  • Teach others life skills that promote independence and responsibility, so you can let go and trust more.
  • Teach others how to solve their own problems and make responsible decisions — without you taking over — so they will share more, express their feelings appropriately and resolve conflicts on their own!
  • Help you and those with whom you have a relationship develop individualized stress and anger management plans, so there are fewer tantrums and outbursts and everyone stays calmer, thinks straighter and is less stressed.
  • Help you assertively communicate your concerns, opinions, values, expectations, and boundaries — without lectures, blame, shame, or threats — so others listen to and respect your needs.
  • Help you understand problem behavior and how to respond, without escalating the situation or giving a payoff.
  • Eliminate problem behavior by using mistakes and conflict as learning opportunities. Because everyone learns lessons faster, it changes their (and your) behavior, and they develop self-control, self-discipline and self-responsibility.
  • Help you have productive family councils or other types of team meetings that can prevent problems and make consensus decisions on issues that affect every team member.
  • Improve your consistency, ability to recognize inaccurate advice, and use all the tools in all relationships, which dramatically boosts your confidence and improves your adult relationships at home and work!



I especially like the Universal Blueprint® formula. I can apply the skills in any situation and get the maximum use from them. I’ve used some of these skills separately before, but there always seems to be something that fell through the cracks. This pulls everything together. – – Dorothy Scott, M.A. Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc., OH






Learn the Universal Blueprint® Relationship Success Formula Your Way. You Decide How to  Learn,
How Much to Learn and Where to Learn.

The Relationship Toolshop® offers a wide variety of resources for every person and every budget.  You can either check out the on-line store at:
or check out the NEWEST training packages at


Many have special discounted prices for ordering direct from the publisher on-line, bonus gifts, and money-back guarantees. So check out the options today!



The simplistic brilliance of the Universal Blueprint® formula takes you by surprise once you start realizing that these tools really do make a difference. Not all at once but, day by day, situation by situation, that you handle a little or a lot, differently from before. It all adds up to a whole new way of lowering stress in your life, as well as those around you. – – Don Coterel, OH







I would be honored to serve and support you in Building Healthy Relationships — from the Foundation Up!

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE
President, Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute, Ltd.

P.O. Box 343 ~ Springboro, OH 45066
Phone: +1-937-748-4541
Fax: 937-748-4620 
Click Here to E-mail Jody
URL: http://www.relationshiptoolshop.com

P.S. Only you can decide whether you are ready NOW, TODAY, to let me or one of the Certified Relationship Toolshop® Experts teach you the no-longer secret Universal Blueprint® formula and at least a few critical skills for making your life easier, your relationships more rewarding and your everyday life healthier and happier.  We stand ready to share some insights as your “relationship guides” on this most-important journey you’ve decided to undertake.