All our programs use outcome-focused evaluation tools to assess participant skill improvement and satisfaction that were specifically designed for The Parent’s Toolshop® by a Ph.D. program evaluation specialist hired and funded by the United Way. The validity of the tools was so solid, with virtually no way participants could “cheat” or influence the outcomes, they became a model that was used nationwide by United Way of America.

Here is a short video about the tool and its initial results, followed by a detailed list of the 10-year-long outcome evaluation study that resulted in qualifying The Parent’s Toolshop® as a “promising research-based” program. After that is a historical summary of other populations for which we’ve developed Toolshop® resources and programs, along with their evaluation results — which have remained consistently outstanding for over 30 years, with over 100,000 parents and professionals worldwide.

There are many parenting classes in the Dayton area and we fund most of them.
Our statistics show that none have even come close to achieving the results your classes achieve on a consistent basis.
– – Linda Taylor, Community Initiatives Funding, United Way of Greater Dayton,


The FIRST program’s results “hit it out of the ballpark!”

From 1992 to 2002, seven instructors for the Families Count Project of Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley taught full-length Parent’s Toolshop® classes (a 10-24-hour series) using the Universal Blueprint® model*. Of the 1295 participants who attended FCP parent education programs in the Dayton (Ohio) area** . . .

Of these 1295 parents, 992 attended a full-length class where they completed an outcome-focused pre/post-class parenting skill assessment specifically designed for The Parent’s Toolshop to evaluate knowledge and mastery of 11 skill areas. Here are the results:

The participants’ evaluations provided exceptional ratings:

Of the parents who had custody of their children:

In six-month follow-up evaluations, something pretty amazing happened. In most programs, you would expect outcomes to dwindle or at the most stay the same, but Parents Toolshop® Graduates must continue using the tools and developing their mastery of using them because their skills continue to improve!

Each year, since 1992, our agency receives dozens of requests from agencies and community groups to provide Parent’s Toolshop parenting programs to parents of all economic and cultural backgrounds. The programs are very popular and successful in achieving significant parenting skill improvement. We believe so much in this program that we regularly purchase the book for low-income parents who want to attend the program. Many of our professional staff members have also participated in a Toolshop training and/or purchased the book. The Parent’s Toolshop is a helpful resource for people of all skill levels.
– – Ronald Eckerle, Ph.D., LISW, Executive Director, Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, Dayton, Ohio

* Read an informational summary about the credibility and reliability of The Parent’s Toolshop model, content, evaluation methods and instructor certification.

** This is a summary of a 2002 evaluation study. A more detailed report is available upon request.

And This Was Just One Program’s Results!

There Are Dozens Worldwide —
and Each Has Similar Outcomes

That first program, The Parent’s Toolshop®, was so successful it has served as a “universal blueprint” for other Toolshop® programs and resources. We now have dozens of courses and resources applying our proprietary Universal Blueprint® system to a diverse range of populations and 30 years of consistently outstanding outcome results to share.

To date, the author and 100+ certified trainers worldwide have served over 100,000 parents and family service professionals through the following programs:


Years later, here’s what graduates have said . . .

I’m so glad I took this class four years ago. My children are confident and well-adjusted. I believe it’s due to the great foundation I’ve received from learning and using the skills from your classes. It was truly beneficial to me in dealing with my children, adult relationships and learning more about myself. – – Jacki George, Springboro, Ohio

Now that my son is almost eighteen and I see what a wonderful young man he is, I realize parenting is not all “luck.” I truly believe that 90% is because of the concepts I learned from you, when he was only three — and I’ll be forever grateful to you for that. I had no role model for parenting to look back on. I learned healthy parenting from YOU, and it’s given me the most valuable thing in my life, a healthy, close relationship with my son. – – Eva Polichany, Springboro, Ohio


Programs taught by the author, Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, CTSS consistently get the same evaluation results: She’s personally trained over 50,000 parents and family professionals and 100% of her evaluations are either “excellent” or “good” and 100% of the participants say they would recommend the program to others. 

Thousands of participants have offered enthusiastic, heart-warming testimonials. Many expressed purchased books for friends or clients, and attended our free monthly parenting webinar. Over 100 received Parent’s Toolshop® Group Facilitator certification, to teach programs based on The Parent’s Toolshop in their communities and use the Universal Blueprint® to provide personalized coaching.


P.S. to Parent Educators: If you facilitate a prevention skill-training program, you can use the Parents Toolshop Skill Assessment Tool to evaluate your program. It is available as a digital download, complete with digital, editable files of the tool, forms, and reports in three formats. It also includes directions for setting your own program’s outcome goals & objectives and modifying the tool to meet your needs, while maintaining valid results.

~ Click HERE for more information about the Outcome-Focused Parenting Skill Assessment Packet, including sample pages of the tool and directions.
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