Recommended Resources for  Social Entrepreneurs

Specifically for Family Life Educators, Therapists, Coaches, and Social Service Professionals

The following resources are recommended in the following publications:

  • Marketing magic: Secret tricks for increasing your visibility and success, Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE. Ambris Publishing, to be published in 2003. Available as e-book download for $9.95.
  • The chapter on “Marketing Family Life Education Programs” for the Third Edition of Family Life Education: Integrating Theory and Practice (published by National Council on Family Relations, 2015).
  • That chapter is a compilation of excerpts from Serving Without Selling: Relationship Marketing Basics (for Family Life Educators, Therapists and other Social Service Professionals), Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE. Ambris Publishing, to be published in 2015. 
  • That e-book is a condensed version of several modules in the on-line training course, Six Keys to Building a Relationship-Focused Practice: Social Entrepreneurship for Relationship Professionals (by Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE. Ambris Publishing, to be published in 2015).


Pre-Launch: Before You Begin Marketing, Lay a Solid Foundation


Relationship Marketing Mindset:

Book Yourself Solid, with Michael Port

Breakthrough Directions: From Relationship Marketing to Business Success, with Gina Gaudio Graves.


Target Market Research:

Find demographics by entering the URL of a site that serves your target market into:

  • – look for sites that show traffic, lifestyle and demographics
  • – look at sites that rank in the first 100,000.
  • Magazines that serve your target market: get their media kit

Survey your target market with:

Find out the topics or problems your target market has through:

  • Associations,


  • On-line discussion lists and forums.

o    Type in “discussion groups” or “discussion forums” to To narrow, add your target market or topic to the search words

  • Use Yahoo Answers: Type in your topic or target market and see the top topics, problems, or questions asked. This also can reveal good keywords.

Identify your Ideal Client:

More about your Target Market’s Level of Awareness:



Mapping Your Service, Content and Marketing Funnels

Relationship Marketing is like a Dating Relationship, by Gina Gaudio Graves. Get it as a flowchart.

Plan Your Content Marketing Funnel.

Writing benefit statements


Info-Marketing: Creating Written, Audio, Video Content Products

Copyright information (publications):

Writing the Perfect Book Proposal, by Jeff Herman (publisher, date, etc.)

 Self-Publishing Manual, by Dan Poynter. Free e-newsletter called Publishing Poynters. Information:;; 800-PARAPUB.

90 Day Product Factory: #1 Product Creation, Marketing and Sales Resource on the Internet, co-created by Mitch Meyerson and Michael Port

Creating Digital Resources (free audio training with handout):

Audio creation: use Audacity, a free open-source recording/editing software.

Video creation:

– screen capture: Ink2go (free). Camtasia (paid)

– Presentations: Prezi, VideoScribe, VideoMakerFX (free trials, low and high cost)




Post-Launch: Choose & Prioritize Your Marketing Strategies



Google Ad Words:

Public Service Announcements:


Publicity: FREE four-color business cards Pay extra for double-sided.



Speaker Training (Speaking for Income)

Speaker Marketing (Marketing your Speaking Services and using Speaking for Marketing)


Sample Press release template from

Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons

Radio-TV Interview Report: Get ad:

Register with services that match you with journalists and other individuals seeking information in your area of expertise:

Free press release submission site:

For more information, read an article by Mark Harty –

Have your own webTV show (training): Turn Your Show Into Cash


Free Link Checking Tools: Xenu


Search Engine Optimization


Keyword research tools:

Free tools:

Paid tools:



Assessment Generator


Contests: Contest Burner, set up, track contest leaders, integrates with SM for sharing, etc.

Shopping Carts / Email / Affiliates

Email programs: auto-responders, opt-in forms:

Email marketing:

  • E-mail Marketing Hints & Tips, a short E-mail, sent every two weeks, “on the best practices of E-mail marketing. It includes actionable hints and tips in a crisp and concise format aimed at helping you become an expert E-mail marketer!” Contact Michelle Keegan,
  • On-line Marketing Mail Lists

Affiliate programs (stand-alone. See integrated with carts above):


Article marketing (what to do with your articles)

Yahoo contributor’s network

Article submission service

Pinging services:

Social bookmarking:

  • BestDamnRedirect (BDR), a tools that automates dozens of time-consuming tasks needed for article promotion and affiliate sales, including:

o    Redirections (good for recommending affiliate resources)

o    Social bookmarking

Tracking comments on posts.

RSS feeds:

  • has video on RSS in plain English.
  • Find lists of RSS feeds by searching for “Free RSS Directories”
  • Keep track of RSS feeds you submitted your blog feed to with a spreadsheet.



Affiliate programs (See shopping cart section above)

Social Media

Tool for managing posts to multiple social media outlets:

  • is a dashboard to manage up to 5 social networking accounts (on the free version).


Mobile Marketing

Mojo Matrix Video Email & Video SMS software:

Recommended Training and Coaching:

  • Internet & Relationship Marketing (highly technical) Free 30-Day Challenge – Gina Gaudio Graves, at Directions University.
  • Speaker, Author and Expert – Debbie Allen. Tell her Jody Johnston Pawel referred you.
  • Six Keys to Building a Relationship-Focused Practice: Social Entrepreneurship for Relationship Professionals — Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE. This course offers all the details of all the marketing strategies above, plus other business-building steps. It includes guidance and live support in planning and implementing a customized business strategy and options for personalized private coaching. Next live course starts Summer 2015.