Thank for being a valued Direct Service Provider for Parents Toolshop®! We are so excited you are providing valuable Parents Toolshop® programs and services, such as coaching and training. Thanks to you, we are reaching more parents than any one of us could alone.

We appreciate your commitment to actively use your certification to reach and serve more people. By keeping your license active for this year and meeting a “monthly minimum performance standard,” you provide both self-motivation for yourself and stability for the company. This enhances and supports the interdependent nature of the company/leader relationship.

We are honored to serve you and pleased to be able to provide so many services for you, for life, and usually at no extra charge. We also appreciate your willingness to contribute to the costs of providing ongoing these services to our licensed DSPs. By knowing our basic minimum costs are covered, we can continue providing these services for all Toolshop® leaders.

Please refer to the most recent information about this fee, on page 35 in the Introduction of the S&P manual. Pay particular notice to the type of certification and when the fee starts or could change.

Then use the Paypal Subscription button below to begin your monthly subscription fee. Just choose the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu, based on the types of Toolshop® services you plan to actively provide this year. When you click on “subscribe,” you will be taken to a payment page where you can choose the method of payment you want to use for the monthly payment.

Note that the day of the month you subscribe is the day of the month your payment will be made each month. The due date for your monthly fee is the 10th of each month. It takes about 2-3 days for payments to be transferred from Paypal to the RTITI bank account, so please subscribe between the 1st and the 7th of the month.

PT TEAM 1 license (Adv OR GF) : $27.00 USD – monthly
PT TEAM 2 licenses (Adv + GF : $47.00 USD – monthly
PT INDEPENDENT 1 license (Adv OR GF) : $47.00 USD – monthly
PT INDEPENDENT 2 license (Adv + GF) : $67.00 USD – monthly

We hope our professional relationship lasts a lifetime — and it can! If you are renewing your license at the same level as the previous year, you do not need to reactivate your subscription each year. There is no expiration date.

If, however, your license should go inactive or you add a new license, you will want to unsubscribe from these monthly payments (using the button below) and, if appropriate, start a new subscription based on your current activity status (using the drop-down menu above).

Here’s to a long and fruitful relationship!

The Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute Standards & Practices Committee


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