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The Parents Toolshop offers remarkably clear, insightful and practical advice (I say “remarkably” because so many parenting books do not do this!). There were many things that impressed me about this book, including its comprehensive nature and the no-nonsense approach, but I was most impressed by the book’s simple step-by-step plans for handling parenting challenges. Although it is helpful to know the details of development and theory, what parents need most in the moment is the answer to the question, “What on earth do I DO?” The fact that this book can answer that question so reliably and for so many different situations makes it a stand-out in this category. It also has terrific endorsements and is well-priced for the amount of material being offered, and I felt that the cover and copy did a good job of “selling” the book to the buyer by letting them know right away which problems the book was going to help them solve. — Certificate of Merit from Writer’s Digest for the 2001 National Self-Published Book awards.

An innovative way to choose helpful responses to almost any problem, including those in adult relationships! Most important, Pawel’s advice is positive and trustworthy. I highly recommend it.”
— Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., author of Positive Discipline

Wow! This book is packed with wise and practical ideas for almost every parenting challenge you could imagine. And through it all runs Pawel’s warm message of love and respect for parents and children alike.”
— Martha Farrell Erickson, Ph.D., Director of the Children,
 Youth & Family Consortium, University of Minnesota

A comprehensive and valuable resource for parents, teachers, counselors–anyone who works with children. A must for every parenting library.”
— Barbara Coloroso, author of Kids are Worth It! and Parenting 
 with Wit and Wisdom in Times of Chaos and Loss

The Parent’s Toolshop is wonderful. It’s psychologically sound and should enhance and support most other parenting programs. Any parent should profit from its advice and techniques.”
— Jim Fay, author of Parenting With Love and Logic

“The Parent’s Toolshop is dynamite! It’s packed with tons of practical ideas. I keep it by my bedside and recommend it to the parents with whom I work.”
— Dr. Dennis O’Grady, founder of New Insights Consulting 
 Services and author of Taking the Fear out of Changing

This is a fabulous resource for any parent. If you read this comprehensive book, you’ll likely have enough information to qualify for a B.A. in parenting from any university!”
— Jack Canfield, co-author of the New York Times #1 best-selling 
 Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and President of
Self-Esteem seminars and consulting

This comprehensive book and its advice are built on a solid foundation of research and real-life application. I highly recommend it to any parent who wants to dramatically improve their relationship with their child.”
— Deborah Critzer, Positive Parenting

A valuable resource, not only for parents, but for grandparents, relatives, babysitters, teachers, care providers–anyone who influences a child’s world.” 
 — Wendy W. Gordon, Child Safety Advocate and Author
  of the I’m Safe! Series, published by BackYard Books

A complete and well-organized toolbox — very helpful, well organized and easy to use. I’m impressed with not only the content of the book, but also with the heartfelt writing style.”
 — Charlene Costanzo, author of The 12 Gifts of Birth



Bless her heart — Jody Pawel has done the footwork for all us floundering parents. All the tools for building a healthy family are in here — and she gladly tells us how to gain these skills in a friendly and upbeat manner. Many of us may find the long journey of parenthood to be profoundly challenging. With insights garnered from The Parent’s Toolshop, at last we have a map.”
 — Fearless Reviews

Pawel tackles dozens of common issues and empowers parents with a reliable system for resolving any problem on their own. This book, written in a conversational tone, gives parents everything they need to know to parent their children, no matter what age.”
 — Argus Observer, Ontario, Oregon 

Here are practical solutions, not just philosophy. Some books warn whatnot to do. Pawel has an almost bottomless “tool box” of things to do, where and when. Quick fixes and contradictory stuff are omitted. The author has assembled an organized program of related solutions that respect all sides in a conflict and suggest procedures with clarity…Incisive text, effective exercises, 100 “best-of” skills. Extensive research and testing gives this masterpiece a leg up.”
 — The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 2000

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