• This page provides all the payment links for RTITI Speakers who want to offer courses on our e-library.

    As you select the services below that you want to be provided by RTITI, click the “add to cart” image. (If the size looks distorted I don’t know why.) You’ll be taken to a new tab where you can build your “cart.” Come back to this page to add more items.

    When finished you can check out through Paypal. You can either use your Paypal account, which is connected to your bank or credit cards OR you can choose “Check out / Pay without a Paypal Account” (see screenshot)


    Submit the CEU Approval Request Form with this payment. 

         – $47 flat fee for 1 Ohio Board CEU (SW or Counselor)

         – $57 for both SW and Counselor CEUs

         – CDC CEUs (Chemical Dependency) = $25 + $5/hour* 

         – All 3 CEUs = $100 + $5/hour*

    * per hour fee will be calculated and paid separately.

    Click in the drop-down menu below first and choose the option you want from the list. After each selection, click on “add to cart” and that selection will be added to your “cart.” Then come back to this page to add more items:

    How many CEUs are you requesting?


    Here are additional fees that may apply:



    As an RTITI speaker, you can offer a webinar of whatever type, length, and price you choose. Pay this fee if you want either or both of the following:

    1. RTITI creates a course from the materials you provide for a setup fee and manages the certificates on the RTITI e-library. Fee is $97 for programs up to 6 hours IF all course content is provided in an organized layout. (Outline with the text you want for each section/lesson, the files for each section, order to list them, and provide the quiz/post-test for RTITI to setup.)

    2. If you have a live virtual or in-person class and want us to set up online publicity and handle registrations and payments for you, we need to set up a course to do that. (If you record it, just send the recording later and we’ll create the online course for you at no extra charge).

    Submit the program Setup form with this payment.

    See your signed RTITI Speaker Agreement for details about content and recording ownership and fee splits that cover the ongoing maintenance of the online course.

    ($97 per setup)



    RTITI will also produce your course for you by hosting a live webinar, being present as the producer on the webinar, taking notes to create the quiz, and producing and edited video and audio for the course. Speaker provides handouts, which RTITI can secure for the speaker. (A transcript of the course is available for $25/hour to be paid separately.)



    Together, the Production + Setup fee = $247 per program  

    OR Save with an Annual Discount Plan if you plan to offer 4+ programs a year. We’ll set up an unlimited number of programs you produce and deliver PLUS  produce and setup up to four courses OR 12 hours annually. Production fees beyond that are ala-carte at a 25% discount.

    Fee per year =  $997.00 USD. Billing cycle: Every 1 year.
    Number of billing cycles: Unlimited (can cancel in your Paypal account anytime.)

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