There is a lot of planning you can do and it all needs personalized to your needs. Fortunately, you’ve opted to get personalized support in doing this! Here are links to the Business Planning bonus resources:

  • Review/walk-through of the business plan template. (We’ll do this on the support webinar.)
  • Support in identifying your target market, niche, ideal client, tag-line, etc. (In your support webinar.)
  • Watch a walk-through of how to do the target marketing research procedures 
    • Overview/Summary walk-through (27.17 minutes embedded below)  *RECOMMENDED
    • Belinda coaching someone with a Christian business (1 hour, 50 minutes, unedited) * Optional
  • Support in doing your target market research. (We can do this during the “accountability day” or mid-month support session mentioned in the schedule.)


Some of these resources feature proprietary processes and techniques from experts who have given Jody permission to only share them with her coaching clients.

(If you don’t receive support contact info or any links don’t work when you are logged into your account, please contact Jody or