Relationships Come F.I.R.S.T.
(Formula for Improving Relationship Success Tools)


PART II:  Tools for Healing Relationships

Module 4: The Mind-Body Connection


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1.    Identify 1 relationship you’d like to improve.

  •     Pay attention to your thoughts about and around this person
  •     Identify negative  beliefs & patterns that mirror something in you that needs healed or cleared. Then ask that it be cleared and replaced with Truth! (Yes, it’s that simple sometimes. We’ll come back to this in Module 6.)
  •     List all the positive qualities you can think of that this person has.
  •     Write a story of what an ideal day/week with this person would be like.
    •         What do you want it to be like? (not what you don’t like, what you do want)
    •         Include every sense: what do you see, hear, touch, smell, taste?
  •     Visualize, every day, having the ideal relationship with this person.
    •         FEEL what it is like to be in this ideal relationship…as though it is that way NOW.

2.    Practice living in the NOW
    •    In everyday life, take any routine activity and give it your fullest attention — be totally present.
    •    Observe when you are in the past/present
        o    Ask yourself, “Is it relevant/practical or am I dwelling on it?
        o    Make a choice:
            ·    Continue dwelling on it & notice the effect your thoughts have on your emotions. Test changing the thoughts and notice what happens to your emotions.
            ·     Use it for practical living
                •    learn from the past
                •    plan for the future
                •    take action
                •    accept it as it is
    •    In everyday life, when you don’t like what you are doing, change how you are doing it
        o    Give attention to the doing
    •    How does this change your feelings about what you are doing?
3.    Do any pre-class tasks for Module 5 and check out the optional recommended resources for this module.

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