Relationships Come F.I.R.S.T.
(Formula for Improving Relationship Success Tools)

PART I:  Tools for Responding in Relationships

Module 1: Building Healthy Relationships


1.Identify at least 1 relationship you want to improve.
In that relationship, what is your personality style? The other persons?
What is one action you could take to engage that person in moving toward the balanced zone with you?
2.Identifying unhelpful beliefs you have. Craft more helpful beliefs. Start replacing them whenever you catch yourself in “stinking thinking.”
Use the “Anger Log” exercise to reprogram a trigger button.
3.Identify what your stress/anger management style is (I/P, I/V, I/VP, E/P, E/V, E/VP).
Create a plan for where you can go and what you can do when you are stressed/angry.
4.Listen to the audios provided by Lisa Monaghan:

For more information:

Search the web for:

•Adler’s Personality Priorities
•Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•Cybernetic Transposition

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