Relationships Come F.I.R.S.T.
(Formula for Improving Relationship Success Tools)


Your relationship with your body


Hi Everyone!

Here are the links to webinar and all the resources we discussed: (To view on-line, click the link. All links have been checked and should open in a new window. If they don’t, right click on the link and select “open in new tab” or “….window.”  To download the file, right click and “save as.”)

Webinar Recording


Meditation audio recording

Meditation Script

Resources: (we didn’t go over all of these in class) 



  1.  Listen to healing meditation or create one of your own,  following the steps in the PowerPoint slides.Every day, center and ground yourself, expand your energy and do a similar meditation, using the meditation script as a guide or starting point.
    1. Use Audacity to record. Be sure to download the MP3 converter if you want to play your recording on a mobile device. (See Module 6 for links to manual or tutorials.)
    2. Use the Theta track for deep meditation. Add that as a second track in Audacity.
  2. After meditation, at least once a day, use EFT to tap out faulty beliefs (until they rate ≤2 on 1-10 scale) and tap in the affirmations related to any health conditions you are experiencing (until reach 8-10 in feeling truthful).

Here’s to your Health!