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Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

The Universal Blueprint Choose Your Own Solution Parenting Hint Book

Table of Contents

Identifying Problem Types

Is there a problem? 
Question #1: 
Is this a Child problem (C) or a Parent problem (P)? (Narrow it down) 
Question #2: 
Is the misbehavior in this Parent problem Unintentional (PU) or “On purpose” (PO)? 
Question #3: 
If the behavior is “On purpose” (PO), what is the purpose?  


PASRR Response Formula

Prevent problems from starting or worsening

  • Foundation-Building Toolset
  • Self-Esteem Toolset
  • Cooperation Toolset
  • Independence Toolset


What you say

Acknowledge the other person’s feelings or perspective

  • Child Problem Toolbox: F-A-X Listening Toolset

Set limits or express concerns. (Parent problems)

  • Keep Your Cool Toolset
  • Clear Communication Toolset


What you do

Redirect misbehavior (PU or PO).

  • PU Toolset (Unintentional Misbehavior)
  • PO Toolset (“On Purpose” Misbehavior): Attention, Power, Revenge, Giving up

Reveal discipline or take action.

  • Discipline Toolset


Now follow through!

Maintain Progress

  • Family Council Toolset

  • Three C’s: Consistency, Criticism, Confidence


Extras: Handouts & Worksheets

  • Trouble-Shooting Tips

  • Table Overview

  • Detailed House

  • Problem-Solving Worksheet

  • Anger Log

  • Decision-Making Worksheet

  • Book Order form


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