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Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

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“Discover the Special Tips and Strategies Relationship-Improvement Professionals
Need to Use When Starting Or
Growing Their Businesses"

If you are in a service business, especially those that help people improve their relationships, then typical business plans and strategies might not work for you!


Because services are invisible. That’s why you’ll want to discover the secrets for increasing your visibility and success with this comprehensive report. It has all the valuable information you need to save time, money and and energy in your business.

This 34-page report comes from a full-day workshop and includes dozens of ideas in over a dozen different marketing areas – complete with lists of resources and links. Get fresh innovative ideas to improve your current marketing efforts or to start new projects that will revitalize your program


What you will find in this
comprehensive report:

  • Set Your Mind – Plan – Selling services versus products

  • Establish Your Niche

  • Learn how to Plan your Marketing Strategy.

  • Learn how to GET CLIENTS.

  • Public Relations and the Media – Advertising versus Publicity.

  • Learn how the art of Public Speaking .

  • Learn the When and Why to Mailing Campaigns.

  • Much, Much More…



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(We respect your privacy! Your information

will never be shared, rented or sold.)


Why risk your business without a plan? This
comprehensive report has all the valuable information that you need to
save you time and energy in your business.

I look forward to supporting you in reaching and serving more people, to help them improve their relationships.

To Your Success!





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