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Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop





Provide support, information and encouragement
while earning regular monthly commissions


Welcome to the Relationship Toolshop® Affiliate Program. This is where you sign up to become an affiliate of ALL of Relationship Toolshop® award-winning resources and highly-acclaimed programs, including:

  • Our interactive website is chock full of resources, freebies, articles and links to everything about Relationship Toolshop®
  • Our award-winning book, The Parent’s Toolshop®: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family
  • Our dynamic live and long-distance classes and workshops
  • Our proven-effective outcome-based Parent Education Curriculum
  • Our Coach and Group Facilitator Certification Training Programs
    …and more!


Becoming a Relationship Toolshop® affiliate allows you to generate income without any cost or obligation on your part. You just need to have email OR operate/own a website to be a part of this Affiliate Program.

Becoming a Relationship Toolshop® Affiliate is FREE and SIMPLE! Just apply, then send links to our website or resources (using special links with your affiliate code, provided by us) to your family, friends, clients, or business partners. When they buy a resource from our site, after using your link, you GET PAID! You earn 10% on the sale of every product or service offered by Relationship Toolshop® that is referred through your Affiliate link.

Once you sign up for our Affiliate Program, you will be assigned a unique Affiliate ID Number and be given a unique link which identifies your affiliate status to use on your website when you promote Relationship Toolshop® resources. Everyone who clicks through the link from your website carries your Affiliate ID Number with them. They only need to click your link once to continue sending you affiliate commissions from their purchases (unless they erase their “cookies.”)

Affiliates are only paid on new contacts that are not already in the Relationship Toolshop® database and/or already linked to another Affiliate.

As soon as the orders start coming from your referrals, you make money! We handle the order, shipment and billing — and pay you a 10% commission for the sale! The more referrals you make to our website who purchase our resources, the more money you make!

There is no cost to join our affiliate programs and we pay you your commissions by the 15th of every month — automatically. (A $20 minimum in earnings is required to receive a monthly payout and your balance will keep accruing until you reach this “payout” point.)

You’ll get your own personal username and password to login to the Relationship Toolshop® Affiliate Center and get reports that track your progress.


We don’t want you to have to “sell” anything and never want you to spam strangers! All promotion materials are easy to grab and use through our Affiliate Marketing Center.

If you are a loyal Parents Toolshop® supporter who already tells others about our programs, just do what you’ve always done — talk passionately to others about The Relationship Toolshop®plus take one more step:

  • On-line: If you are in an internet discussion group and you know we have a resource that would help that person, mention Relationship Toolshop® in a helpful way, without being too commercial (respect the group’s discussion etiquette) and include a link to the resource (using your affiliate link).
  • In person: Ask the person if you can send them a link to help them easily find the resources. Get their email address and send them a short note reminding them that they asked for and gave you permission to send them this information. (Then what you send is not unsolicited spam.) Not sure what to say? Not to worry. We’ve already drafted over a dozen attention-grabbing email starters.

If you are a family professional or have a relationship/self-improvement-related website, you can also use our affiliate resources to put banner ads on your site. If you already have a permission-based mailing list, you can send emails to your client list. We have so many resources that you could actually feature one each week and have monthly affiliate commissions coming in for years!


Relationship Toolshop® will not tolerate any unethical or illegal behavior by our affiliates, including but not limited to sending unsolicited emails to individuals or bulk email lists. We may reject your application if we determine (in our sole discretion) that your site is an unsuitable match for our Affiliate Program for any reason, including but not limited to inclusion of content that is, in our opinion, inconsistent or contradictory to Relationship Toolshop® teachings, is unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable. You can read the entire Relationship Toolshop® Affiliate Terms and Conditions before signing up. A copy of this document is also available for review in the Affiliate Resource Center.


Have questions? We’re happy to help. Just send us an email.

A Personal Note from Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, the founder of Relationship Toolshop®

Relationship Toolshop® products and resources are the culmination of my life’s work, including my 25+ years experience as a second-generation parent educator and 10+ years of research into parenting advice and outcome evaluations that prove our programs get results. I know Relationship Toolshop® programs can change lives…dramatically…sometimes miraculously. So I want to share my resources with you — and want you to share them with others! I promise you’ll all benefit: they will learn a lot, feel empowered, and you’ll make additional, passive income just by sending friends and family-service professionals to Relationship Toolshop® so we can educate and support them. Thank you in advance for becoming one of our Affiliates.

Think about it …
With effective relationship skills,
we can literally change the world.

That’s a powerful vision!