On-line TIPS Training Week 09

This week’s topic is “Take the Bite Out of Discipline.”

We’ve added additional bonus content, so feel free to spend more than one week on this important chapter. Here’s the order you’ll want to follow:

1.  Read Chapter 13 in TPT (The Parents Toolshop) up to the Practice Exercises.  For translation purposes you can read the Chapter 13 Posts.

Chapter 13: Discipline Toolset

Remember, the chapter post is a work in progress and may not contain all the graphics, charts and tables found in the pdf format.

2.  Complete the related questions in the “Final Review”.

3.     Print out these handouts and have them available while you watch the first video.

4.    Watch the video on “Discipline” (Teaching & Tools). (1 hour)

5.     Do the practice Exercises from the end of that chapter, which you’ll also receive automatically in your e-mail inbox.

6.     Print out the Bonus handouts and have them available while you watch the second video.

7.     Watch the bonus video: Discipline, Part 2: Application and Practice (30 minutes)

8.     Complete the Decision-Making Worksheet for at least one parenting challenge you think could happen or happen again.

Once you are done with the above:

9.      Send an email to Support@ParentsToolshop.com with the answers to the 4 Weekly Progress Report”  questions:

  • What did you learn?
  • Any questions about the content? Anything you need clarified?
  • What action did you take?
  • What results did you get?

10.     Remember:

  • The best way to get more information on what you’re learning is to be on the Weekly On-line TIPS webinar: