On-line TIPS Training Week 04

This week’s topic is “Get Cooperation Without Squeezing the Juice Out of Kids.”

Here’s the exact order you’ll need to do things:

The first 5 days of this week, do this:

1.     Read Chapter 5 in TPT (The Parents Toolshop) up to the Practice Exercises.  For translation purposes you can read the following Chapter 5 Posts:

Remember the chapter posts are a work in progress and may not contain all the graphics, charts and tables found in the pdf format.

2.    Complete the related questions in the final review.

3.  Watch video #4: “Cooperation”.

4.     Do the practice Exercises that you’ll get automatically in your e-mail inbox today

Day 6 of this week, once you are done with the above:

5.      Send an email to Support@ParentsToolshop.com with the answers to the 4 Weekly Progress Report”  questions:

  • What did you learn?
  • Any questions about the content? Anything you need clarified?
  • What action did you take?
  • What results did you get?

6.     Remember:

  • The best way to get more information on what you’re learning is to be on the Weekly On-line TIPS webinar: