On-line TIPS Training Week 01

This week’s topic is Blended or Tossed? Which is your Parenting Style?

Here’s the exact order you’ll want to view the course materials:

The first 5 days, do this:

1.     Read Chapter 2 in The Parents Toolshop® e-book up to the Practice Exercises.  For translation purposes you can read the Chapter 2 Post.  Remember the post is a work in progress and may not contain all the graphics, charts and tables.

2.  Complete the related questions in the “Final Review”

3. Watch

4.     Do the practice Exercises that you’ll get automatically in your e-mail inbox today.

Day 6, once you are done with the above:

5.     Send in your “Weekly Progress Reports” answers to these 4 questions to Support@ParentsToolshop.com:

  • What did you learn?
  • Any questions about the content? Anything you need clarified?
  • What action did you take?
  • What results did you get?