You’ve now finished learning the core tools in the Foundation-Building Toolbox:

The first five chapters of the Parents Toolshop® Guide Book  helped you set a strong, stable foundation for your parenting:

  • Establish and maintain a balanced parenting style. (Lesson 2)
  • Have a healthy parenting mindset. (Lesson 3)
  • Use the two parts of the Universal Blueprint® problem-solving system (Lessons 4 & 5):A.    3 Problem Identification Questions:
    1. Is it a Child or Parent problem?
    2. If there’s Problem behavior, is it Unintentional or On purpose?
    3. If the Problem behavior is On purpose, what’s the purpose?
  • B.     The PASRR Effective-Response Formula:

Prevent the problem from starting or worsening

When there’s a problem:

    Here’s what to SAY

Acknowledge the child’s feelings

Set limits or express concerns

    Here’s what to DO

Redirect misbehavior

Reveal discipline

    Now, follow through!


If you haven’t already done so, post your answers to the three questions as they relate to the Foundation-Building Toolbox:

a)  What did you learn?

b) What action did you take?

c)  What results did you get?

You can send your responses to  or just enter them in the comment section of this recap post.

Become a Parent Success Club Gold Member, if you haven’t already, so you can join the weekly webinar/call to get support in understanding and applying the Foundation-Building Toolbox to your parenting and unique family situations.  By participating in the Parent Success Club Membership calls, you will:

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  • Hear ideas and get resources that have helped other parents.

To your parenting success!