Here is a list of topics covered on previous Parent Success Club webinars/calls.  Just click the link for the topic you want to watch/hear. Upon downloading the files, you agree to abide by all copyright laws and to only use these files for your own personal use, per the Ambris Publishing (RTITI) digital download agreement.

Challenges/Topics (in alphabetical order):

Parent Q&A:

  • Problem Solving (audio only): Asking grandma for candy, (9:00) Bossy sibling, (13:50) potty accidents for attention, (28:30) praise/attention hog.
  • Child Problems – how to apply F-A-X Listening (Audio only):  (0-12:50) homework for perfectionist teacher and (12:50-27:00) responding to child’s reaction & teaching skills

Tools (organized in order of the Universal Blueprint®)