Jody Pawel

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLEJody Johnston Pawel is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator, Certified Trauma Support Specialist, and Founder/CEO of Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute. LLC. She is the author of nearly 100 multimedia resources, including the award-winning book and evidence-based curriculum, The Parent’s Toolshop®. She has 30+ years’ experience as a top-rated speaker, workshop trainer and parenting expert to the media worldwide. She has certified over 100 Parents Toolshop® trainers since 1995, served on international virtual training teams since 2005 and has been a trainer for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program since 2002. For over 30 years, she has also served as a parenting expert to the media worldwide and was the Co-producer and On-air Parenting Expert for the Emmy Nominated Ident-a-kid TV series. Check out her award-winning website,