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Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Join Our Expert Team!

“If You Want To Make The World A Better Place
By Helping People Worldwide Improve Their Relationships In Even ONE Area Of Their Lives
Then We Can Show You A Way To
Make Your Dream Come True!”

You know Your Life Purpose. You can feel your passion. You are already an expert in your field and your clients’ lives and relationships have changed because of YOU!

You want to serve the world in a bigger way, without starting at square one.  Yet, you don’t have the foggiest notion of where to start or what to do…

You know what you DON’T want — years of struggle, investing tens of thousands of dollars, and managing a business.  You just wish someone would:

  • Take you by the hand;
  • Tell you what to do, step-by-step;
  • Provide all the resources, tools, staff and training you need;
  • Support you each step of the way, and
  • Help you work your way out of a J.O.B. and
  •  Into a career that will allow you to retire some day with enough passive income to support you and
  • Leave behind as a legacy that will continue helping people for years to come.

Your Dream CAN Be a Reality!

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a coach, speaker and author in your field of expertise, that area is related to improving relationships, and you want to follow your passion, you have found the right place to start!

This is THE place to re-energize and re-define your career and business, so you can help more people than you ever thought possible — on a global scale.

Partner with us and we’ll share with you the secrets of how to be a professional speaker, use our life coaching certification, get a book published,and become an internationally-known expert in your field.

Here at Relationship Toolshop® we offer an exciting opportunity for professional development offered nowhere else!

With our Relationship Toolshop® Leader Certification Training, for relationship-niche experts, you partner with us to build your coaching, speaking, writing and e-biz career so you can:

  • Have a reliable problem-solving system you can use when coaching, counseling, or advising people about their relationships in one-on-one sessions.
  • Be a professional speaker who offers live and virtual events about your area of expertise.
  • Get support, assistance, and training in how to get a book published quickly and easily, by repurposing and blending our content with your expertise.
  • Build a successful off-line and on-line business without years of trial-and-error or having to hassle with building a team and managing a business. Simply use our team, systems, website and tools, shopping cart, etc.


We Provide it All, so All You Have to Do is
Show up and Do What You Do Best

Hi, I’m Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, and your guide to becoming the person (and professional) you were meant to be — and this is the place to get it all started. (Get to know me better at https://relationshiptoolshop.com/about/author.)

I’m the award-winning author of The Parents Toolshop®: The Universal Blueprint for Parenting Success, which is a research-based book and parent education curriculum. I’ve personally served over 50,000 parents and family-service professionals worldwide the past 30 years, have over 10 years of outstanding documented outcome results with over 2000 parents and have certified over 100+ Parents Toolshop® instructors worldwide.

The Universal Blueprint® is a decision-making, problem-solving formula that originally helped parents plan an individualized effective response to any parenting challenge. In our studies, we found that 92% of the parenting class participants were able to transfer the model and skills taught in The Parents Toolshop® to any relationship, with only a few slight modifications when using it in adult relationships.

This model and its skills have been shown to be so effective that we are now partnering with experts in parenting and relationship niches who want to blend the Universal Blueprint® model with their expertise in a particular relationship type or issue. (“Relationships” refers to any relationship or relationship issue, not just dating or marriage, although we welcome experts in each of those areas. Relationships types include: single parents, foster parents, couples, business leaders, teachers, etc.)

Together, we co-create co-branded Toolshop® programs and resources for your target audience. We provide you your own Toolshop® website, complete with the ability to have memberships, live webinars, online courses, digital products, articles, and more. At each step, we train and support you in building a successful on- and off-line Toolshop®-branded practice, including: speaking, coaching, writing articles and books, and having licensed group facilitators worldwide for your research-based programs. (If you aren’t interested in building a Toolshop® brand and want to build your own brand, take are “6 Keys to Starting and Growing a Family Life Practice” course.)


How Many People Attend Your Live Workshops These Days?

Anyone who has ever offered parenting classes or similar relationship-education programs knows that getting people to commit to an in-person multi-session workshop series is a challenge.

As the internet has evolved, more people go there for relationship advice and information. Yet, parent educators worldwide have complained that their websites, featuring quality research-based information (like Parent’s Toolshop®), are virtually invisible!

Compare that experience to blogs that share opinions, are sales-based, and run by people who have no or few credentials, just the money, time and willingness to spend hours making it technically effective. They often make six-figures, while giving what some might consider questionable advice.

Today, attendance at live relationship-education classes continues to decline, while relationship-advice sites on the internet have traffic going to them that is increasing by millions daily!

Parenting and relationships are one hottest topics in social media today (like on Facebook and Twitter), yet many family life educators find it difficult to use and question whether it is worth spending time doing — since it seems like it could take every minute of every day.

So at a time when more people are interested in improving their relationships, family life educators are realizing they can’t serve enough people with local in-person classes.  They want to reach more people through the internet but don’t have the time to do it all themselves or financial resources to cover their costs.

We have experienced these exact same challenges when trying to build The Parents Toolshop®. It is precisely the journey I started, to find solutions, that eventually led to expanding my parenting practice to support, train and partner with other family life experts through Relationship Toolshop®!  Read more about the unique history of Relationship Toolshop® by clicking this link.

There are 3 Types of Certified Relationship Toolshop® Experts:

Relationship Types: (types of relationships or sub-niches of a larger group)

  • Parents Toolshop® – the original PTC site for general parenting advice for improving family relationships.
  • Foster-Adoptive Toolshop® – helping Foster Parents and Adoptive Parents learn trauma-informed content and develop effective skills for meeting the special needs of foster and adoptive children.
  • Single Parents Toolshop® – supporting Single Parents understand and have skills and resources for meeting the special needs of single parents.

Relationship Issues that could affect multiple types of relationships:

  • Conflict Management Toolshop® – helping people learn a system for resolving conflicts and bring healing to many of their relationships, including parenting, marriage, business, etc.
  • Business Leader Communication – whether you are an educational administrator, casework supervisor, technical staff supervisor or corporate leader, you need good “people skills.” This involves learning universal principles and developing skills of effective, authentic communication that every leader needs.

Country-Culture-Religion Specific: These experts are different in that they collaborate with the other Toolshop® Experts to bring their programs and resources to their country by adding culturally-specific content and any translation needed to introduce Toolshop® programs and resources to their country or culture.

  • <<Country name>> Toolshop® – helping the people of <<Country>> improve their relationships using language- and culturally -specific Toolshop® resources and services.
  • Christian Relationship Toolshop® – helping Christians improve their relationships, using a combination of research-based skills and Biblical principles. (Culture-specific but there could be trainers nationwide and even worldwide, where there is a Toolshop® country Expert.)
  • African-American Relationship Toolshop® – helping African-Americans improve their family relationships. (Culture-specific but there could be trainers throughout the US)
  • Caribbean Toolshop® – helping people in the Caribbean gain better parenting skills. (Culture-specific but there could be trainers in each Caribbean island)

There are many relationship niches and we want to partner with professionals with expertise in them!

Lastly, all the experts collaborate together, to refer to each other. They can even co-create broader service offerings to help them reach more people in each of their niches.

Here are some examples:

  • School Toolshop® is a broad niche that doesn’t need its own expert, but could offer the resources and training developed by Parents Toolshop®, Teacher Toolshop® and Guidance Counselor Toolshop®.
  • Protective Service Toolshop® doesn’t need its own expert, but could offer the resources and training developed by Parents Toolshop®, Foster-Adoptive Toolshop® and Caseworker Toolshop®.

So here are the Steps to becoming a Toolshop® Niche Expert:

  1. You start by attending the core Toolshop® class that fits their niche (child/parents or adults). While you are taking their Toolshop® class, they create a supplemental “Action Guidebook” for any existing Toolshop® curricula they eventually want to bring to their country/culture. (You can do this without becoming a certified Toolshop® Leader just by being a niche “Content Contributor.”)
  2. You use that as you get your Toolshop® Advisor (coaching) certification.
  3. You start to teach people in your niche after getting their Toolshop® Group Facilitator (trainer) certification.
  4. This gives you the experience you need to truly embrace your expertise in both your niche and Toolshop® content. Then you start the Expert Certification training, which shows you how to leverage Toolshop® content, merge it with your niche expertise, to co-author programs, resources, online courses, etc. for your Toolshop® Niche subsidiary service division.


What Kind of Relationship do YOU Help People Improve?

If you already have expertise in helping people improve a type of relationship, relationship issue, or would like to deliver relationship-building products or services specific to a particular country or culture, then here’s what being a Relationship Toolshop® Expert could mean for you.

By having this unique combination of two proven formulas — one for improving relationships and one for building a successful relationship-education business — you can reach more people with the expertise you have to offer them. Together, we will collaborate to help you build a successful co-branded Toolshop® business that features your expertise. Just apply what you learn in the Leader Certification Training programs — how to do coaching, speaking, writing, and creating products/services in your relationship-area of expertise — and combine it with focus and determination, and a passionate desire to be the best that you can be AND help others be the best that they can be!

As a Relationship Toolshop® Expert, you’ll receive a website home page that is part of the RelationshipToolshop.com network.  We’ll support you in developing your own relationship-specific articles, resources, programs and services. If you already have programs and resources you’ve developed independently, you can offer them through the Relationship Toolshop® online store, maintaining your own site, too.

If you have no content already, we’ll help you jump start the process by giving you a license to take ALL of the Parents Toolshop® content and modify it to create your own content, helping the audience that YOU serve! That includes all of the Parents Toolshop® information products and training programs — even your own niche-specific Toolshop® Advisor (coaching) and Group Facilitator certification training programs for your programs, so others can use and teach your materials, to serve people beyond your reach! It’s a business model that can be easily scaled and replicated! We’ve successfully done it, will show you how, and give you everything you need to succeed!

You’ll also have an instant marketing team, because each Toolshop® Leader will promote your books, products, training programs, membership sites, and anything else that you offer in your co-branded Toolshop® relationship-specific business!

Most importantly, you’ll have the support that you need from a network of like-minded professionals and the Relationship Toolshop® Support Team, helping you stay accountable to getting results in your business!

The average professional wanting to develop this kind of business needs to get and pay for someone to build their site, pay monthly hosting fees, buy a shopping cart, build their own affiliate network, and dozens more tasks and projects, each started and executed on their own time and their own dime, or paying through the nose for outsourcing. Getting your site up, running and earning would usually take you 2 to 5 years and tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish on your own. With our systems and support, you can achieve all this and more in months!

It’s up to you! Instead of nickel-and-diming you, like most business owners experience, this is a one-time, lifetime, all-inclusive training and support package. Anything that’s necessary to your success is included. Plus, you just pay as you go, so it’s designed with the working professional in mind. You can easily create your long-term legacy plan on your own schedule — while maintaining life balance and spending quality time with your family.

So What are YOU Waiting For?

NOW is a Great Time to Simply Get More Information.


Remember, this opportunity is found nowhere else and these Expert positions are exclusive!  Delay even a day and your niche could be gone or the tuition could go up. Things are happening quickly here and every month we are adding more and more value to make it easier for our experts to succeed!

There is No Cost or Obligation to Simply GET MORE INFORMATION,


You’ll Learn a Lot — GUARANTEED!