Relationship Toolshop®
Standards & Practices Manual

Below are links to the current Relationship Toolshop® Leader Standards & Practices Manual. 

All Leader Applicants and Certified Leaders are expected to read the entire manual (3 parts), even parts for certifications you don’t [plan to] have, so you understand how they all are inter-related. You will sign off that you “have read and understand the most current edition of the S&P Manual” when first applying for certification and each year in your Annual Report. It’s your responsibility to return here each year to review the manual. The first page of each part indicates the last date it was revised.

To read the S&P manual (and access the forms):

  • Just click on the link below for the part you want to read.  For help on downloading files, visit our Download Instructions Page.
    • Note: The S&P manual changes too often for mass printing/distribution, so it is available at no charge on-line. To request a printed manual be mailed to you, click here.
  • You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download this FREE program by clicking on the icon to the right or here for download and installation instructions.
  • You will need to open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents. (Apple users: The Mac’s equivalent to Windows Notepad, Text Edit, will open most Word .Doc files. Mac users can also use the Macintosh specific edition of Microsoft Office – this includes Word.)

Part I:  Introduction & Universal Policies 

  • History Of Toolshop® Leader Certification
  • The Standards & Practices Committee
  • What is a RT Leader?
  • The Leader Certification Process
  • Universal Relationship Toolshop® Policies
  • Universal Relationship Toolshop®  Leader Code Of Ethics
  • Leader Activity Status Categories
  • Termination And Refund Policies

Part II: Content Contributor

  • Non-Leader option that began October 2016

Part III:  Direct Service Provider (DSP) Universal

  • Universal policies for Advisor Certification and GF Certification
  • Types of DSPs
  • Difference between Individual and Agency DSPs
  • Team & Independent DSP Policies
  • Agency DSP Policies

Part IV: Advisor

  • How Leaders use this Certification
  • The Advisor Certification Process
  • Advisor Benefits
  • Advisor Code of Ethics

Part V: Group Facilitator

  • How Leaders us this Certification
  • Universal GF Standards
  • Universal GF Certification Process
  • Universal GF Code of Ethics
  • Universal GF Violations/Penalties

Part VI: Speaker Bureau

  • Becoming a SB Consultant
  • Logistics of RTITI SB
  • Marketing
  • Matching SB Consultant with Sponsor
  • SB Payments

Part VII: Trainer-of-Trainers (T-O-T)

  • T-O-T Certification pre-requisites
  • T-O-T Certification requirements
  • Pricing & Compensation
  • T-O-T Code of Ethics

Part VIII:  Expert

  • What is an RT Expert
  • The RT Expert Certification Process
  • Profit Sharing
  • Lifetime Legacy Policies
  • Expert Code of Ethics
  • Expert Violations and Penalties

Glossary of S&P Definitions

 Appendix (Leader forms)

Below are links to forms Relationship Toolshop® Leaders might need. Click on the name of the form you want and save the file to your computer before filling it out. (See bottom of page for submission guidelines.)

Leader Applicants:

All Certified Toolshop® Leaders

  • Annual ReportAll active Leaders need to keep track of the Toolshop® programs they conduct by filling out and submitting the annual report by the end of January of the following year.

Certified Toolshop® Direct Service Providers (Group Facilitators and Advisors)

Experienced Certified Toolshop® Individual Group Facilitators (not NPO)

  • If you would like to be considered for the RTTI Speaker Bureau, please fill out the Speaker Bureau Consultant Application  (pdf format) or (Word format to type into) 

Certified Toolshop® Experts


Form Submission Guidelines:

  • To submit a form in Word format: type into the form and save it with your name in the filename before submitting.
  • To submit a form in PDF format: print, complete, sign, then fax (937-748-4620) or scan and email the form to (To mail forms, go to the Contact Us Page.)

If you have any questions or need clarifications about any policies prior to applying or submitting a form, please feel free to contact the Relationship Toolshop® Leader Coordinator.