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So you are thinking about becoming a Certified Relationship Toolshop® Expert? You’ll want to get as much information as possible to make this life- and career-changing decision. You’re in the right place!

Just watch the videos below, review the documents, then set up your 1:1 Strategy Session to discuss your career goals, passions, talents, skills and interests, to see if you qualify for an invitation to apply for these exclusive positions.

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A. Watch the Free Preview Webinar to get the full scoop on becoming a Toolshop® Expert.

Thanks for the NDA (00:00:08)

Introduction (00:00:21)

Recap – What You Now Know (00:08:52)

What You Get (00:04:55)

Your Options (00:03:23)

Make Your Dream A Reality (00:09:22)

Income Potential –ROI (00:03:41)

Refer to the “Costs of Building an Expert Business” Spreadsheet

Next Steps (00:01:16)

B. Review the most recent Steps of Expert Certification presentation slides.

(optional) Watch excerpts from actual Expert Training webinars on the following topics:

  • Branding (1 hour excerpt of webinar as video or audio) Here, we discuss whether you want to build your personal/expert brand, your own company brand or the Toolshop® brand.

C. Read the most current Standards & Practices Manual which will explain all the fine details of how our company is organized and the differences between each certification option, which are all inter-related and inter-dependent. (Before starting the certification process, you will sign off that you have read this manual.)

  • In the first section of the Appendix, is the Expert Application (pdf format) or (Word format to type into). Complete and submit it to

D. SCHEDULE YOUR 1:1 STRATEGY SESSION, to discuss your career goals, passions, purpose and talents. You’ll get answers to any questions you have to help you decide the niche that is right for you and see if you qualify for an invitation to this exclusive career- and life-changing opportunity. If so, we’ll even map out what your Toolshop® career might look like!

In the scheduling tool, click on “1:1 Strategy Session for Relationship-niche Experts” and schedule an appointment with Jody Johnston Pawel, President.

We look forward to talking directly soon!

The Relationship Toolshop® Standards & Practices Committee