Outcome-Focused Parenting Skill Assessments

This outcome-focused assessment process was developed for The Parent’s Toolshop® by a United Way Ph.D. specialist. Now, any professional who works with parents, teaches parent education programs, or provides a skill-based prevention program that needs outcome-focused evaluation results can benefit from this powerful tool. It comes with a diskette/CD containing the tool, forms and reports in three PC formats so you can adapt it to your needs and still obtain reliable results.

Includes a FREE 15-page bonus report with tips for custom-designing your Outcome Measurements. PLUS a handout from the workshop, Proving Prevention Works: Using Outcome-Based Assessments in Parenting-Skill Training Programs. (A $15 value!) Use GF training video #5 for directions on scoring.

• Download Manual & Forms:


Interactive Activities for Parent Education Groups

If you provide parenting-skill training programs, this packet is for you. You will learn 30+ interactive activities that will spice up your groups and let participants have fun while learning. Activities include cooperative games, partner activities, role plays, and dramatic demonstrations that drive a point home, or make a profound analogy that helps parents remember what they learn.

• Digital Download of entire manual, including the Bonus Pack.

For the Self-Esteem “What Makes It Good?” activity and several other presentations, you can use the photos and videos in this files.

Interactive Activity Prop Kit

We searched the whole world over to compile the props and supplies used to present the activities in the Interactive Activities manual. The handy storage/carrying case contains a spiky ball, inflatable hammer, four boxes of dominoes, earmuffs, sunglasses, finger pull, crown, ruler, silver platter, clipboard, handcuffs, carrying case, handle, and case label. An $85 value if purchased separately. You save over $30! (item styles/colors/sizes may vary)

Without Interactive Activities Manual: $34.95 (shipped only to North America and Caribbean Islands)

The Parent’s Toolshop Puzzler

It’s time to put the pieces of the UB together in a fun way! These 15 master puzzles and answer keys offer a different puzzle for each parenting skill from the Parent’s Toolshop® book. Use this handy resource as an interactive class activity or homework assignment to build literacy skills and make learning fun.

Digital Download

20″ x 30″ Full-color Presentation Poster

Every Group Facilitator should have a presentation poster. The color-coded toolboxes and toolsets offer a quick reference for participants throughout presentations about the Universal Blueprint®. And the large, clear print makes it easy for your participants to see from anywhere in the classroom. Each poster is 20 x 30 inches.

  • Download the file to print and laminate yourself
  • Print & 10ml Laminated Poster: $59.95 (Ships to North America and Caribbean Islands only.  If you would like this item shipped, please let The Leader Coordinator know so we can send you the link for the shipping fee based on where the poster is being sent.)

Power Point Presentation

Power Point presentations can make workshops more interesting and offer visual references to your teachings. Use several of the 80+ slides to custom-design topic presentations.  Please send an email to the Leader Coordinator,, requesting access to this power point.


T.I.P.S. (full-length, advanced class) Handouts

Digital Download of zip file


Parents Toolshop Flyers

A great print resource to help you spread the word about Parent’s Toolshop® programs. This colorful and informative flyer presents essential information about the Parents Toolshop book, live classes and home studies, free tools and resources and private coaching, all on a single 8 1/2″ x 11″ full-color page.

High-Quality Digital Download: HERE

Business Cards

Here is a sample of what the PTC/RTTI business cards will look like.

SampleBusinessCard_front FINAL_Jody_Johnston_Pawel_back

You can pay our graphic designer to customize your business cards. 


  • Your name and title as you want it spelled,
  • The contact information (e-mail and phone #) you want to use
  • $30 payment via Paypal to

Then you can take your customized jpg image to Vistaprint or another provider to print your cards. 

Marketing Magic: Secret Tricks for Increasing Your Visibility and Success

Are your programs not finding an audience? If your marketing plans aren’t amounting to much, let us help you stop wasting time and put your professional strengths to good use. Become a savvy marketer and learn the secrets of tweaking traditional marketing tools to boost your program’s visibility and success.

This 34-page handout come from a full-day workshop and includes dozens of ideas in over a dozen different marketing areas – complete with lists of resources and links. Get fresh innovative ideas to improve your current marketing efforts or to start new projects that will revitalize your program.

Download here

See Module 5 of the GF training for non-profit marketing tips and additional training programs on how to start and/or building a PT or Independent DSP practice.

Sponsor Information Packet

Put this comprehensive 44-page full-color document in a binder and you have an impressive presentation aid that will sell potential sponsors on the features and benefits of sponsoring your programs. Excerpt all or part of the report when applying for grants or funding. Walk potential sponsors through the key factors that they will consider when choosing a parent education program for their parents. Topics include:

  1. Information about the Parent’s Toolshop® model, content, programs, and instructor training; the book’s table of contents and special features
  2. Training programs PTC instructors commonly offer
  3. Samples of full-length and topic program flyers, formats, features, agendas, outlines, handouts, and practice exercises
  4. Parents Toolshop®’s outcome-focused skill assessment tool with sample forms and reports used in full-length and topic programs
  5. A sponsor planning worksheet to help them identify needs, choose topics, issues, ages, formats, schedules and other logistical considerations.

Download here


Parenting Class Graduation Certificates

Acknowledge your students’ achievements with these Parenting Class Graduation Certificates. While you received a master certificate in your Group Facilitator manual binder to print, here it is again. Simply type the participant’s name, date, print and sign.

Download Here

Tool key chains (4″)

Give your graduating parents an inexpensive parenting class graduation gift as a reminder of the valuable tools they have learned. Each set of one dozen key chains includes 5-12 types of tools.

Tool Key Chains: $5.95/dz (shipping to North America and Caribbean Islands. May order from vendor if outside U.S.)


NOTE: If there is no link below or there is a topic you want to present, but don’t see a topic listed below, please send an email to the Leader Coordinator at We have more presentations than can be listed here and they are the most updated versions.

Lunch & Learn – OR – Secret Recipe for Parenting Success — a 10-session lunchtime topic series

Nothing gets people interested in the Parent’s Toolshop® quite like stirring their taste buds. This ten-session program uses a food theme that really catches the attention of potential sponsors and parents. Topics include:

  1. “Blended or Tossed? Which Is Your Parenting Style?”
  2. “The “No-longer Secret” Recipe for Preventing & Resolving Problems”
  3. “Nutritious Appetizers That Boost Self-esteem and Avoid Obese Egos.”
  4. “Get Cooperation Without Squeezing the Juice out of Kids”
  5. “Serve Up Some Wings So Children Can Leave The Nest.”
  6. “Children’s Menu: How to Really Listen to Your Child.”
  7. “Tame the Fire of Anger & Stress — Before You Get Burned.”
  8. “The Kitchen Stinks! Cut off “PU” Misbehavior Before You Get “PO’d.””
  9. “Take the Bite out of Discipline!”
  10. “A Brainstorming Buffet”

The packet includes presentation outlines, handouts, PowerPoint presentation and suggestions for interactive activities and visual aids.

Please send an email to the Leader Coordinator,, requesting the most recent version of this presentation packet.

Teens and Parents — Together: a six-session program

This program consists of six sessions that teach teens and their parents, who are Parents Toolshop® graduates, the basic and advanced skills needed to improve parent/teen relationships. It’s a wonderful follow-up program to the standardized full-length class. Topic packet includes the class manual, handouts, activities and evaluation form. Topics include:

  1. Understanding parent and teen perspectives
  2. Building self-esteem within the family
  3. Listening and problem-solving skills
  4. Communication and “keep your cool” tools
  5. How to hold family meetings
  6. Practice/Coaching Individualized Problem-Solving

Download here


Topic packets

Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitators are often asked to custom-design programs to meet a particular audience’s needs or cater to a specific topic. Why reinvent the wheel? Take and use these as-is or use them as a starting point to build your own workshop.

Each packet includes a presentation outline, suggestions for interactive activities or visual aids, and reproducible handouts. As Group Facilitators submit new topic packets the list of available topics will expand. (If you are a Group Facilitator who has developed a topic program, share it with other Group Facilitators!)


Day Care professional training

Christian Parenting

Holiday Fun

Introductory Overview of The Parent’s Toolshop*outline* (NOTE: the PowerPoint Presentations were used to create the handouts.)

Here is a videotape of Jody presenting this workshop.

Couple Communication


Difficult People

Effective Discipline

No More Gray Lines! (Cooperation, PU & PO misbehavior, Discipline)

Parent Education as a Profession

Save Your Stars (Self-Esteem, Cooperation & Independence)


The Special Language of Effective Parenting

Stress/Anger Management

Talking to Kids about Sexual Issues

The Universal Blueprint® Formula for Promoting Positive Business Relationships  , 1-2 hour workshop.

Staff FAX, Communication & Stress Management, This 1-day staff training covers personality styles (and difficult people), communication, FAX, and stress management. You can pick/choose which parts to offer.  Includes a flyer, outline, ppt, and handouts. 

Working with Disruptive Children

Why Wait for Warning Signs? Preventing Teen Crises 


Since you are a certified Group Facilitator, you have permission from Jody Johnston Pawel to print/copy certain proprietary information from The Parents Toolshop® book.  In order to do this, you will need to download, print and add your name to the “GF Permission to Print” card and give it to the photocopy technician when you need to have copies made.