Hi Experts!

In this webinar, Belinda walked us through posting an article (with Mike coming on to assist with some sub-blog dashboard issues we had) and Ashish providing some tech support, too.


–          Posting articles to WP blog

–          Directions for doing the 6-step process

–          Commenting spreadsheet

–          RSS spreadsheet



– Keep working on:

– your  keywords. adding them to the shared keyword spreadsheet (ask Belinda for access if that link doesn’t work)

– setting up your categories and pages

– and writing articles following the Magic Formula, which you can post to the forum for review.

**You actually won’t do the 6-step process until you are ready to “launch” on the blog, start posting articles every day following the “first 90 day” schedule. So keep doing the above until you either complete the task or have 30-60 articles “in the can” ready for your sub-blog’s launch.

– If you have any questions, attend the weekly Expert Support Webinar, so you can get answers to your questions and others can benefit from the answers.