Here’s the link to the recording from the August 24th Webinar that I covered. We talked about a few things that made for very engaging conversations..


1. We discussed reasons for having or focusing on one niche at a time when planning your launch, including your ability to scale and expand your business and the time challenges etc. This is well worth a listen!


2. We covered social media strategy topics again but at a brief overview level. We didn’t go to the level of details that I covered it in my Social Media Strategy topics and plan that I covered in my previous webinar. This overview would be a good one if you missed the detailed webinar on social media strategy. This one will be very interesting for you as you go forward and plan on generating traffic for your sites! 


3. Also remember to go to and type in keywords to find questions about that topic.

a. Then write an article that answers that question.

b. Then go back to the question on yahoo and post a comment about the topic with a link to your article.

c. This will give:

i. Article ideas,

ii. Boost your rankings and

iii. Drive traffic to your site.