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Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Gold Member Upgrade – Yearly



Welcome to the “30-Days To Parenting Success” On-line Course!

The next 30 days will be absolutely transformational…
…and you’ll walk away with the basics of the Universal Blueprint® “GPS system” (Guidelines for Parenting Success) and its core tools.


Before you begin your first lesson…
I would like to invite you to get personalized support as you complete your lessons.


  • “Your Worst Parenting Nightmares…Solved!” A Weekly LIVE webinar where you can connect with me, Certified Parent’s Toolshop® Leaders, and other Gold Members to share:
    • Welcome & check-ins  (5-10 min.)
      • Wins and Successes
    • Topic presentation & discussion  (30 min.)
      • Every week you get practical information and tips for responding effectively to the most common challenges parents face. (See a list of the topics here.)
    • Open Q&A:  (10 min.)
      • Clarify content in the 30-day lessons
      • Get help applying what you are learning to your family.
      • Individualized problem-solving, including “Hug Seats” with T.I.P.S. Graduates
    • Take-aways and commitments  (5-10 min.)
  • Access to the recording of all the Gold Webinars, to review anytime or catch a call you might have missed (even if it’s 3:00 am!)
  • All the Lessons in Downloadable PDF Format, to read anytime, anywhere.

Yes, this really is the one and only time you will receive this offer, so get it NOW
for a yearly tuition of only $14.95 !

(Your subscription will be renewed automatically every 365 days, but you can cancel at anytime.) 

Hi, I’m Jody Johnston Pawel, a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator, award-winning parenting author and parenting expert to the media worldwide. For more than 30 years, I’ve been training and supporting tens of thousands of parents to raise great children.


There are 4 important benefits to being a Gold Member

Benefit #1: You get “Your Worst Parenting Nightmares … Solved!”

This weekly topic webinar series will give you practical, real-world advice on  preventing or responding effectively to the most common challenges parents face at every age — from tots to teens and even adult children!

Each week we’ll roll up our sleeves and take a close look at a different parenting challenge or issue.  I’ll tell you why children are behaving that way and exactly what to say and do. You can ask your personal questions about that topic or any number of other topics that might hit close to home for you.

Not at your computer? No problem! When you register, you get a phone number to access the live webinars so you can still participate.

Benefit #2: You get LIVE personalized attention each week, to get your questions answered and needs met.

One of the things Certified Toolshop® Leaders and I love most about teaching parenting classes and leading groups is the opportunity to meet you and work with you personally.

Other Gold Members like meeting like-minded parents and giving/getting support. Now, thanks to the power of technology, we all can meet with you virtually.

During the LIVE Gold Member Webinars, you get a weekly touch-point with me to guide you through your week.

After we discuss the “nightmare” topic of the week, you can ask questions and get personalized support and problem solving as you complete your “30-Days To Parenting Success” On-line Course and apply the skills to your family.

Imagine – built in “me-time” and a chance to get your burning parenting questions answered, personalized support, and making new friends each week on a live call…

Benefit #3: You get downloadable recordings of the weekly webinars (audio and video).

As a Gold Member, you not only get pre-paid admission to all the live webinars, you get access to the entire archive of webinar recordings — every one, including those we had before you became a Gold Member!

So when you can’t make a live webinar, just pop into the Gold Member Discussion Forum and download the recording to listen to anytime – as a busy parent, I know how much you need a time-saver like that!

You can also listen to the recordings:

  • before bed
  • while you exercise
  • during your commute
  • or as you begin your day to set you the tone for positive interactions with your children.

Remember, all this is on TOP of what you’d normally get as a FREE Member in the “30-Days To Parenting Success” Course …

Benefit #4: You receive all 30 lessons as downloadable PDFs. So you can print out the lessons and take notes.

 Get yearly access for only $14.95 !

 (Your subscription will be renewed automatically every 365 days, but you can cancel at anytime.) 

Raising great children in today’s world is no small feat. You need accurate, research-based information; a consistent, effective discipline plan; and ongoing support for all that’s going well, and frankly, for all that is NOT going well.

Cutting edge information + taking action + support = SUCCESS!

To recap, as a Gold Member, you get:

  • Pre-paid admission to all the Live “Your Worst Parenting Nightmare…Solved!” Webinars … for an ENTIRE YEAR!
  • Personalized support, answers to your questions, clarifications of the lessons, and indiviualized problem-solving on the same weekly webinar … for an ENTIRE YEAR!
  • Downloadable recording of the webinars, including the archive of all past webinars/calls … for an ENTIRE YEAR!
  • Downloadable PDFs of the 30-Day Course lessons.

All for  a yearly tuition of (…wait, are you serious?!)
… only $14.95

So UPGRADE TO GOLD MEMBER now and get all 30 lessons in downloadable pdf format, PLUS LIVE Weekly Webinars for LIFE where you’ll get answers to all your questions from us personally, PLUS downloadable recordings of every single webinar so you can listen over and over again on your iPod, your computer, or your favorite device – even if you’re driving to work, setting in your recliner, or drifting off to sleep at night!

Top of Form

I look forward to meeting you on the live webinars!



P.S. Life will never slow down…and when you’re a parent, there are always new challenges cropping up that scream for your time. Take advantage of this one-time offer to let this life-changing information come to you in an easy-to-use format!


No thanks. I will pass this great offer. I understand that this offer will NEVER be made available to me again and I’m OK with that.