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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Meet Our Experts

Trevor Farley Founding Expert for The The South African Relationship Toolshop®
Trevor Farley, Founding Expert of The South African Relationship Toolshop® and Author of MAP4Parenting – Creating-a-Memory® book, which focuses on parental goal setting. He is married to Sharon and has two adult children. He has 25 years teaching experience, and has hosted over 1300 families on parent/child camps since 1999. He has always enjoyed interacting with children and parents. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those he touches on a day-to-day basis. He has a vision that the hearts of the children will be turned to their parents, and the hearts of the parents to their young, so that the face of our nation, South Africa, can be changed.

Jody Pawel  Founder/CEO of RTITI and Expert for The Parents Toolshop®
jodyheadshot01Jody Johnston Pawel, is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator and one of only a few second-generation parent educators in the world. She is the author of an award-winning parenting book, the Founder of The Parent’s Toolshop®, and the creator of over 100 multimedia parenting resources. In addition to working with parents, Jody has also trained over 100 Toolshop® Instructors who have gone on to become Parenting Facilitators worldwide. Today, Jody leads an international team of RelationshipToolshop® Experts who provide training, support, and resources to people, showing them how to use her unique “Universal Blueprint for Relationship Success” to improve their lives. Jody has been a top-rated speaker and parenting expert for over 30 years. Her content has appeared in most major parenting magazines and newspapers in North America. She also served as the Co-Producer and Parenting Expert for the Emmy-nominated “Ident-a-Kid” television series. See www.ParentsToolshop.org

Damara S. Simmons   Founding Expert for The LDS Parents Toolshop®
Damara S. Simmons, BS Elem Ed, is the founding expert for the LDS Parent’s Toolshop®.  She graduated from BYU in 1995 with a degree in Elementary Education.  She is married to her husband David and has three sons.  She has also been a foster parent to a sweet baby boy.  When her oldest son was born she made the decision to stay home and raise him and her sons that followed.  She knew being a mother was one of her most important callings in life.  She took classes and read numerous parenting books, gleaning various amounts of parenting knowledge and skills.  When Damara and David took a 20 hour parenting class from Jody Johnston Pawel, they knew they were learning a complete parenting system that was based on truth and research.  She joined the expert team as the LDS expert because she is passionate about her faith and parenting.  She wants to empower her family, friends, and fellow church members with the parenting knowledge she had gained.