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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Details about T.I.P.S. for Frazzled Parents – Online

Ever Wish Children Came With

Instructions?  Now They Do!

You couldn’t wait to be a parent.

Like every job you had ever had, you took pride in being prepared — and this was the most important job you had ever accepted.

For months, you prepared yourself. You read every baby book you could. You felt ready for any problem that could arise that first year.

The second you held your child the first time, you forgot about all the waiting and worrying you’d done. Your heart swelled with joy and you knew everything would be okay now.

You looked down at your little bundle of joy, excited to start this new journey — when suddenly you hear, “You’re holding the baby wrong!”

That was when you first started doubting whether you were as prepared as you thought you were.

The first year went pretty well. It seemed all you needed to do was love your baby and remember that “a baby’s wants are a baby’s needs.”

But other moms … and neighbors … and relatives … and your parents always seemed to have a difference of opinion about the “right” way to raise your child. Before long, you had lost your confidence and questioned your competence.

That was 3 children ago. Since then you’ve faced a gazillion challenges, done your best to figure out the best response — and hoped you did the right thing.

Today your youngest is in the terrible twos — with a different personality than your first two children. She does what you just told her not to do and throws a tantrum if you say “no.” You are walking on eggshells afraid you’ll set her off.

Your middle child is impulsive and immature. He wants to debate and negotiate every rule you set. He wants to constantly play on the computer or video games. He wants to join social networks and have a cell phone, but you think he’s too young and, to be honest, you just don’t trust him with that much freedom.

The school, your friends and family all think he has ADHD. You aren’t sure and you certainly don’t want to put him on medication. You wonder if there’s something you can do to influence his behavior instead.

And your teen, who used to be sweet, turned sixteen and became surly, sassy, demanding and disrespectful, bucking every rule you have set. She wants to date and drive, but you are worried because she’s starting to hang out with the wrong crowd.

You wonder how things got so out of control. Your life has become more busy than you ever imagined. You are constantly frazzled and feel overwhelmed by the demands of parenting.

As your children are bouncing on your last nerve, you fantasize about fleeing to another country or dumping your kids at the local hospital. Of course, you wouldn’t actually do that, but the truth is you just want it all to STOP, NOW!

You know your children are basically good kids and you know, deep down, that you are a good parent — so why aren’t you seeing the fruits of your labor when you have always done your best?

You intended to keep up on research, to attend a parenting class, read parenting books, or at least surf the internet for solutions as problems arose. But all you ever found were conflicting opinions about parenting. You ended up using trial and error to navigate through the challenges and are wondering if there’s something you could be doing differently…better.

But you are way to frazzled from driving your kids all over creation for all their activities, volunteering at school, tending to your partner, balancing work responsibilities, and the concept of taking time for yourself seems like a pipe dream. You don’t have time to search through hundreds of thousands of parenting advice columns for each challenge each of your children presents.

What you really wish was that someone would do that research for you. That someone would pull together all the proven effective parenting techniques — not just their opinions — and put them in one resource you could always go to and trust the advice was solid.

Your children are so different it seems that you need to parent them all differently. So although it seems impossible, if you had your wish, they’d give you a system you could use to find the best response for each child’s behavior in that second in time. You wonder if such a think could ever exist!

Your Wish Has Been Granted

They say that when you have a child it doesn’t come with a handbook. Well, Jody Johnston Pawel wrote the handbook every parent should have. Jody not only writes for and trains parents, she also collaborates with and assists other family-service professionals. Jody’s standards are high and her work and passion produce invaluable benefits for every parent and colleague she touches. – – John Williamson, The Wealth Coach TM, “The UK’s Original and Most Distinguished Wealth Coach, London, UK

I have read numerous articles, magazines, and books which addressed parenting issues, attended lectures, and met with counselors in the past. Yet, I have never attended a class a thorough, well-organized and interesting as The Parent’s Toolshop®. I gained so much more than I ever expected when I signed up for this class. The most rewarding aspect was seeing positive results at home with my son, who is diagnosed with A.D.D. These techniques really work!! I have more confidence and like having a book which I can use to refresh my memory on those days I suffer from memory loss and slip backwards to my old ways. . – – Rebecca Streeter, OH

I just graduated from the T.I.P.S. Workshop and I can not tell you how blessed I am from the resources, applications, presentation, and the materials I received. No matter the issues I felt were unique to my child, there seemed to be an answer to the problem. These simple steps to building a family blueprint for MY family apply. The more I do it, the easier it gets. It is not just about making life easier for me as a parent, it is all about raising my children in a healthy way despite how I may have been raised or how the rest of the world says I need to be. Jody does not give her opinion. She has already tapped into so many resources. I do not have to read a thousand other books. All the information is in one ”Universal Blueprint®”. Thanks Jody! – – Dawn Warren, OH

Do you wish there was a parenting program that could give you:

One system you can use every time, in every situation — but that also is totally customizable for the situation at hand.

Options to choose from so your response fits your family’s needs best.

Practical solutions that work, not a bunch of philosophy and theory.

Someone you trust who takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to say and do to get the results you want.

A fun, entertaining way to learn this system, without taking too much time out of your busy schedule to attend a class.

The option to learn from home, so you don’t have to mess with finding sitters and can do the lessons whenever it’s convenient for you.

Personalized attention from the instructor, so your needs are met each week.

Ongoing support for as long as you are a parent — yes, for life. Because, after all, your children will be adults some day.

Heck, as long as you are making a wish, you’d also like to know how to improve all your relationships, using the same knowledge and skills!

Are you finding it hard to believe such a program could exist? Well it does — just listen to what Parent’s Toolshop® Graduates and program sponsors have to say:

We feel blessed to have found Jody Johnston Pawel. The response to her classes are phenomenal, both in attendance and feedback. Ms. Pawel systematically lays out a blueprint on how to parent effectively. She’s the child of parent educators herself and she shows people tools and how to sit down and learn how to use them. Her classes not only help in parenting, but also in any kind of relationship, for example, husband and wife, supervisor and worker, any relationship. The principles apply to anyone and Ms. Pawel presents them in ways that are fun, exciting and instructive. – – Chaplain (Capt.) Kent Schmidt, Family Life Chaplain, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH

Jody’s approach is so refreshing! A lot of parenting advice seems to consists of a lecture about what you are doing wrong and then instructions on how to do it “their” way. Jody’s method is different. She shares proven methods for achieving your parenting goals and provides concrete example of language and phrases that work with any parenting styles and give real results! I am a big fan of Jody Johnston Pawel and the Parents Toolshop®. She seems to understand what many other experts miss – that you shouldn’t ever have to choose between effective parenting and kind, respectful parenting. Thank you Jody for giving me tools that I can feel good about using! – – Nicole Eatough, OH

There are many parenting classes in the Dayton area and we fund most of them. Our statistics show that none have even come close to achieving the results your classes achieve on a consistent basis. – – Linda Taylor, Community Initiatives Program, United Way of Greater Dayton, OH



(T.I.P.S. = Tools for Improving Parenting Success)


Raise A Responsible, Respectful Child by using a Balanced parenting style.

Effectively Respond to Any Parenting Challenge by learning a simple problem-solving formula.

Nurture Self-Esteem, not Self-Centeredness, while boosting children’s resistance to peer pressure.

Get Cooperation the First Time You Ask – without power struggles, bribes, tantrums or sass.

Teach Children How to Solve Their Own Problems – independently & responsibly.

Keep Your Cool and Help Children Calm Down with individualized stress/anger plans.

Correct Children With as Little as One Word – without lectures, threats, guilt or blame.

Understand Why Children Misbehave – and What to Do About It by asking 2 simple questions.

Develop Self-Disciplined Children by following the “Four R’s” of effective discipline.

Parent as a Team so you and your parenting partners agree more often and are consistent.

Build Strong Family Bonds by involving children/teens in “family councils” that teach life skills.

“Parenting is kind of my hobby.  I have attended every parenting class in my area and this one is, by far, the best.  I’ve now taken every class Jody offers!”– – Brenda Davies, Dayton, Ohio

I was so impressed with the change in my wife’s parenting, I had to take this class just to find out what happened! – – Ben Cohen, New York, New York

“Applying the tools from just the first week had positive results! I am now responding instead of reacting. My son has noticed a difference – I am calmer, don’t yell as much and we come to a solution to problems more quickly, with less friction and everyone is happier. My parents visited this summer.  My mom hadn’t seen the kids since last summer, right before I started your course.  She has commented on how different the kids are – how much better behaved they are.  Thanks to your course.  I cannot thank you enough, Jody.” Phil Jones, Dayton, OH

With the T.I.P.S for Frazzled Parents On-line Training you’ll learn a problem-solving system found nowhere else that will save you time and frustration. Parenting will be easy and joyful and you’ll feel confident and competent by knowing:

The 3 key questions every parent must ask (and know how to answer) to find the solution to any parenting challenge.

The 5 steps of an effective parenting response.

The 5 tools that every parent must know and use to prevent and stop misbehavior.

The simplistic brilliance of the Universal Blueprint® takes you by surprise once you start realizing that these tools really do make a difference. Not all at once but, day by day, situation by situation, that you handle a little or a lot, differently from before. It all adds up to a whole new way of lowering stress in your life, as well as your child’s life. –– Don Coterel, OH

Jody’s systems help you parent your children without having to solely rely on your emotions to be the guide. – – A.J. Bentley

When I read the web page for the Universal Blueprint®, I thought, “Is this for real? It is too good to be true!” But I know from taking Jody’s class (twice!) that all the statements are true and her resources are fabulous!– – Kay Lynch

ThePractical T.I.P.S. for Frazzled Parents On-line Program Includes:

 The Parents Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family E-Book. (Valued at $29.95)

This one-stop resource saves you time, money and frustration. No longer do you need to spend hours reading dozens of resources to find the skills and solutions you seek. All the research has been done for you — the best parenting advice from hundreds of resources is now at your fingertips. There are new ideas you’ve never heard and techniques that have worked for generations. Gone is the inaccurate, unhelpful, confusing and contradictory advice that detours your progress. From toddlers to teens and beyond–these are solutions that work, every day, at home, at day care and in the classroom —and they will work for you, too!

The Parent’s Toolshop® Universal Blueprint®

You’ll Discover:
Foundation-Building Toolset
          *   How to reach your long-term parenting goals and improve teamwork with your parenting partners.

Using the Universal Bluerprint
          *  A step-by-step, easy-to-follow formula you can use to find the best response to ANY parenting challenge — that meets your child’s needs and family’s values.

  Self-Esteem Toolset
         *  How to nurture self-esteem instead of self-centeredness so children have the confidence to think for themselves and resist peer-pressure.

  Cooperation Toolset
         *  Strategies that will get kids to cooperate the first time you ask without power struggles, bribes, tantrums or sass.

  Independence Toolset
         *  Which life skills to teach children, so they become responsible and independent.

  F-A-X Listening Toolset
         *  How to guide children to solve their own solutions and make responsible decisions.

  Keep Your Cool Toolset
         *  Personalized anger & stress management plans for you and your children, to decreasing the drama in your home when your children are upset.

  Clear Communication Toolset
         *  Ten tools for expressing your concerns to children with “parent deafness,” without guilt trips or blame.

  PU and PO Toolsets
         *  An understanding of why children misbehave and how to prevent or stop it for good!

  Discipline Toolsets
         *  An easy-to-follow formula for disciplining your child, so you aren’t the bad guy, they learn from their mistakes and become self-disciplined, responsible children.

  The Maintenance Toolbox
         *  Ways to maintain your progress, hold family councils and be consistent and confident no matter what.

 10+ hours of video of me teaching a live Parents Toolshop® comprehensive series. (Valued at $297)

With these videos, you’ll go through each step and tool of The Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula. For just one or two hours a week, you can watch this instead of one of the shows you recorded from TV or rented from the video store. Best of all, as there are new videos (high-definition video recordings are in production now), you will get them, because your access to the materials is for life –  so at any time, you have access to the latest, most updated course materials available. (Watch a 10 minute clip!)

    • Bonus handouts, practice exercises and worksheets

Apply the special language and action tools you are learning so you master them faster and retain them longer.

A lifetime membership to the T.I.P.S. On-line Discussion Forum (Valued at $15/month)

Here you can post your progress reports, ask questions and get (and give) support from the author, certified Parents Toolshop® Leaders, and other T.I.P.S. Toolshop® graduates worldwide!

LIVE Weekly Teleconference Training Calls (Value $200/hour call)

Each week, you can hop on the call to clarify the lessons, ask your questions and get personalized problem-solving and advice from the author of The Parent’s Toolshop® and other certified Parents Toolshop® Leaders. The weekly calls are recorded in mp3 format, so you can download them to your computer, iPod, or mobile device.  Here is what to expect each week:

You will discover a unique step-by-step plan for preventing or effectively responding to any challenge you might face with children ages 1-18.

You will walk you through the Universal Blueprint® system, learning how to answer the 3 questions and take up to 5 steps to come up with an effective response to any parenting challenge you face.

You get live, personalized support every week, so you can ask questions about the problems you are facing and receive immediate solutions on how to solve them.

Once you have completed the training, there are lots of tools to help you keep your knowledge and skills fresh — and take you to the next level of mastery by helping you apply the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula to the most common parenting challenges and even challenges unique to you!


#1: All the Gold Member Benefits: (Valued at $15/month for life!)
These include:
Access to the “30 Days to Parenting Success” course
Lifetime Gold membership
Lifetime Gold Discussion Forum membership
Weekly Gold Member Support Calls
Feedback and support from the author and certified Parent’s Toolshop® Leaders

#2: 11 x 17″ Universal Blueprint® Poster: (Valued at $7.95)
This poster summarizes all the key skills from The Parent’s Toolshop® book. Hang it on your fridge, or wherever works best, to get an instant reminder of the Universal Blueprint’s® problem-solving techniques. It will quickly guide you through a crisis on a moment’s notice.

#3: Lunch & Learn Parenting Series Audios/Videos: (Valued at $147)
When your kids misbehave, do you ever wish you had a “secret recipe” to help you solve your most challenging discipline problems? If so, you’re in luck! In the “Lunch & Learn Parenting Series: The Top 10 Ingredients for Skillfully Responding to ANY Parenting Challenge” audio series, you can refresh your knowledge of the exclusive formula for knowing what to say and do even in the trickiest of situations (from toddler tantrums to teen troubles). You will receive 10 one hour audios you can listen to whenever you want to brush up on the Universal Blueprint® tools and techniques, to help prevent and solve any parenting challenge!

#4:The Parents Toolshop®Teleseminar Album: (Valued at $199.95)
The Parents Toolshop® Teleseminar Series
takes the proven-effective Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success and applies it to the most common challenges parents face. This collection contains 12 hand-picked Teleseminars plus a bonus audio on “Kids and Money.” (Not available anywhere else!) Each deluxe teleseminar set includes:

High-quality re-mastered audio
Full transcripts
All the resources available to the original participants

You can turn to these audios anytime of the day or night to learn how to apply what you are learning from the weekly advanced support training calls to the most common parenting challenges.  Just find the topic with the challenge you are facing and listen to it on your favorite audio device.

Teleseminar topics include:

Back to School
Back Talk
Bedtime Hassles
Holiday Parenting Issues
Controversy about Corporal Punishment
Dealing with Difficult People

Why Children Lie
Morning Delays
Picky Eaters
Solving Sibling Strife
Taming Temper Tantrums
Teaching Tidiness
Bonus: Kids and Money

#5: Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN SOLUTION Parenting Hint Book (Valued at $47.95)
How would you like to have:
1.  A super-short reference guide that lists the 150+ practical parenting tools described in detail in The Parent’s Toolshop® book.
2.  A resource that walks you, step-by-step, through the three questions and five steps you take when planning an effective parenting response.
3.  A totally automated and customizable resource that helps you apply this proven-effective parenting plan to any situation you encounter with your children.

The Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN PARENTING SOLUTION Hint Book does all three and is simple to use. Just answer the question at each step, then click a link or turn a page to find the solution your answer leads you to. You will get ideas for what to say and do during each step, based on your answer. Use it over and over to find individualized solutions to any parenting challenge involving children ages 1-18.

Once you master this fully-automated problem-solving system, you can find individualized effective responses to common everyday parenting challenges in minutes! Try it when you are dealing with:

Power Struggles
Neglected chores
Being Overly Dramatic
Peer Pressure
School problems

Refusing to go to bed
Annoying attention-seeking behavior
Neglected chores

Irresponsible driving
Experimenting with dangerous substances
. . . and any other challenging behavior your child can conceive!

#6:  Best of all, When you complete the course, you get LIFETIME GRADUATE BENEFITSInvaluable!)
Over time, life changes, stuff happens, you grow, and your children grow. That’s why Parents Toolshop® Graduates get ongoing support for life! These benefits include:

UNLIMITED LIFETIME FREE: 30-minutes of one-on-one, personalized, phone consultation per year UNLIMITED LIFETIME 50% off all consultation fees (by phone or local home)
off all Toolshop® parenting classes you register for on-line.
on any programs and resources purchased on-line.
LIFETIME WEEKLY Graduate Support Calls:
Problem-solving is a breeze once you know the Universal Blueprint® system! Jump on the call each week, to get personalized support and guidance for any challenges you may encounter after the training ends. You have weekly access to an international parenting expert and Certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitators, for any questions or clarifications you and other graduates might need – for life!

Come Join the Ranks of Thousands of Parents Worldwide
Who Are Getting Phenomenal Results from Parent’s Toolshop® Classes!

The skills in this course are so well presented. The examples make the skills easy to understand and apply to your own situations. It is a course (and book) that I will keep referring to. – –Barbara Lehman, Dayton, Ohio

My relationship with my step-children has always been tense. Before I finished the class, my relationships had improved dramatically. One night my step-daughter left a rose and note on my pillow that said, “Thanks for knowing how to listen and for being there for me. I love you.” I never thought that could happen! – – Andrea Rabiner, Dayton, Ohio

 I recommend this class to anyone! It teaches life skills. The lessons I have learned have brought peace to our household. I enjoy my children more. – – Julia Belden, Centerville, Ohio


Years Later, Here’s What Graduates Have Said…

I’m so glad I took this class four years ago. My children are confident and well adjusted. I believe it’s due to the great foundation I’ve received from learning and using the skills form your classes. It was truly beneficial to me in dealing with my children, adult relationships and learning more about myself. – –Jacki George, Ohio

Now that my son is almost eighteen and I see what a wonderful young man he is, I realize parenting is not all “luck.” I truly believe that 90% is because of the concepts I learned from you, when he was only three – and I’ll be forever grateful to you for that. I had no role model for parenting to look back on. I learned healthy parenting from YOU, and it’s given me the most valuable thing in my life, a healthy, close relationship with my son. – –Eva Polichany, Ohio

So, You Ask, “What’s This Going to Cost Me?

If you did the math above, you know that just course materials, bonus graduate resources and services and only one year’s worth of the lifetime support services are worth over $3000!!! But it’s not going to cost you anywhere near that.

On-Line T.I.P.S. includes:

The Parent’s Toolshop book (Retail value of $29.95, SRP 69.95)
12 hours of Videos of a Live T.I.P.S. Class. (retail value is $479)
10 Weekly Content/Support Webinars (Retail value = $1995)
Lunch & Learn Parenting Series Audios/Videos: (Valued at $147)
Parents Toolshop® On-Line T.I.P.S. Discussion Forum (Valued at $15/month or $44.95 for 10 weeks)
Total Value = $2735.90

When You Graduate, You Also Get:

Unlimited Lifetime Graduate Benefits:
One-on-one, personalized, phone consultation. 30 min./yr. ($100 value per year)
50% discount on all consultation fees (by phone or local home) ($100/hr value per year)
     10% DISCOUNT on any resources not part of the On-line T.I.P.S. course (Priceless)
50% discount on all Parent’s Toolshop® parenting programs for which you or your family members register on-line. (up to $2500 value)
    WEEKLY Graduate Support Calls (value of $179.40/year)
    T.I.P.S. Graduate Discussion Forum (value of $179.40/yr)
All the Gold Member Benefits: (Valued at $179.40/yr)
Total Value – $3238.20 the first year alone


    UNLIMITED LIFETIME access to all current Parent’s Toolshop® resources. (Priceless)
    11 x 17? Universal Blueprint® Poster: (Valued at $7.95)
    The Parents Toolshop®Teleseminar Album: (Valued at $199.95)
    Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN SOLUTION Parenting Hint Book (Valued at $47.95)
    UNLIMITED LIFETIMEaccess to all Parent’s Toolshop® on-line T.I.P.S. resources for life! (Priceless!!)
    UNLIMITED LIFETIMEaccess to all FUTURE Parent’s Toolshop® on-line T.I.P.S. resources for life! (Priceless!!)
Total Value = at least $255.85, plus the value of all current and future resources, which is priceless! 

Total Package Value =
$2991.75 training package
+ up to $3238.20 the first year in benefits and bonuses
+ 738.20 each year after
= $6229.95 in the first year alone


For a limited time, you can get all this for only $997
– that’s a
one-time fee for a lifetime of training & support

You can even make 3 monthly payments of $347, if you prefer

You also have my permission to share it with one parenting partner, so you can both be working on the “same page.” That’s like getting the entire course for both of you at half-off.

Why is this priced so low? Because the goal isn’t to sell you, it’s to serve you. The value you receive from this course is beyond measure –it’s a life-changing experience! Over 30 years, with tens of thousands of parents, every single parent has said this program was worth their investment of their valuable time, energy and hard-earned financial resources and would recommend this program to others. Every parent has experienced positive benefits and you deserve that same happiness, joy, and confidence in your life.

I liked that Jody stressed the fact that she would never teach us what not to do without first teaching us alternatives to try that have been proven to work. I learned so many tools in the class that will benefit me as a parent and as a partner. I was hesitant and skeptical about enrolling in the class and now I am so glad that I did. – – Robin Laake

I was upset when I was told I’d have to take a parenting class before adopting a child. I thought it would be a waste of time, since I already knew a lot about parenting. I was so wrong! The class turned out to be a great experience! I learned a lot of very practical, get-us-through-the-day techniques to make my philosophy and expectations a reality. Take this class. I guarantee you’ll learn something that will make you an even better parent than you already are. – – Connie Collett

This is a fabulous program!! I am a parent, a grandparent, a therapist for children and adolescents and their families, and a former elementary school teacher and wish all parents would take this workshop. It is so effective, positive, and useful…and so “user-friendly.” I have recommended it to many families, including my own adult children. A million “thank-you’s” Jody, for this treasured gift! – – Valerie K. Sorosiak, MS, PCC

What Will It Cost You If You Don’t Do Anything?

It’s always hard to put a price on intangible benefits and results. So ask yourself, “How valuable is your child’s happiness?  How valuable is your sanity?  What would you be willing to pay to know, without question, that you have taught the values and skills your child needs to be emotionally stable, well-balanced, responsible, and self-disciplined – even when you are not around?

I know you wouldn’t be reading this if being the best parent you could be wasn’t a priority for you. I’m sure you are like most parents, who pay over $1000 almost every year for all your children’s various school and extra-curricular activities, such as soccer, baseball, dance lessons, art class, or summer camp.

Why not invest in your child’s future by investing in your growth, this time?

It’s only a one-time, lifetime fee, to get the information and support you need to make every aspect of your life easier – and not just in parenting! The skills you learn will improve every relationship in your life.

For only $997 you get everything listed above!

The lifetime LIVE Weekly Support calls are worth well over that alone.  Just think about all the challenges you can “nip in the bud” quickly and effectively from the personalized advice you will get each week.

YOU Have the Power to Make YOUR Parenting Goals a Reality —

You Just Need The Knowledge, Skills And Awareness, Which We Can Provide

Imagine how life could be different by attending this program and get empowered with a system and practical tools for achieving your parenting goals:

Within the first week, you’ll feel hopeful again. You’ll feel a shift inside that grounds and balances you.

As you apply the prevention tools, you expect it will take a while to see change in your child’s behavior — and are pleasantly surprised at how many daily challenges have simply disappeared — poof! — rarely or never to return again.

You feel calm, confident and competent. Your self-esteem as a parent is restored.

When new challenges arise, you are calmed and focused. In a matter of seconds you know exactly why your child is acting that way and know exactly what to say and do.

You respond in a way that improves your relationship with your child.

You have a closer relationship with your children than you ever imagined you could. They confide in you, respect you, and want to spend time with you.

As the years pass, you are in awe of the responsible, mature, capable young adult your child has become.

Looking back, you realize that although you took the T.I.P.S. class to improve your parenting, your relationships with everyone have improved — at home, at work, with your spouse and even with your extended family.

How do you put a price-tag on that?!

There are so many factors that contribute to the results each parent gets, but nearly every parent who takes the T.I.P.S. class says that their lives and families have transformed before their eyes and the class is a life-changing experience.

The Parent’s Toolshop® Money-Back Guarantee

While there is no crystal ball to predict the results you will get, there is one thing you can be sure of. If you complete all of the T.I.P.S. On-line course, including the pre/post skill assessment, and consistently use the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula and its tools, you will improve your parenting skills – guaranteed.

At the end of the course, if you don’t believe you have learned anything new and your standardized assessment scores show your skills have not have improved, you may receive a 100% refund, no questions asked or strings attached.

So The Next Step Is Up To You…

Right now, you’re sitting there not getting the results that you want in your relationship with your child.

If you already knew how to handle any parenting situation or challenge that you face, you certainly wouldn’t have read this far.  How much worse will things get if you don’t take this training and resolve these problems now? Will it lead to other problems? Will you have to get family therapy? How much will that cost?

Do you know what issues you or your child will be dealing with 1 year from now? 5 years from now? 10? Wouldn’t it be great to know that anytime you needed advice or support, to stay the course, all you have to do is re-watch a video, listen to an audio, or pick up the phone and call your personal parenting expert?

Why not make your most important job of raising a child easier by enrolling in the T.I.P.S. On-line Training NOW?  It’s the best chance you have to make your child will thank you dreams for your child come true!


Get on the road to building a healthier, happier family life TODAY!

Just click the order button below to choose the payment option you want for the class.

One-time Lifetime fee of $997:

or 3 monthly Payments of $347

As soon as you complete the order process you’ll have access to the first lesson.

I would be honored to support you in reaching your parenting goals and stand in service to you and your family.

I am here for you and hope you’ll decide to join me and other parents who are committed to being the best parents we can be. — Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, author of The Parent’s Toolshop®

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