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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Course Registration Cancellation & Refund Policy

Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute offers live and on-line training programs directly and through its subsidiary service divisions, like Parents Toolshop®, Foster Parents Toolshop®, Christian Toolshop®, etc. Unless otherwise specifically indicated on the registration or confirmation materials, the following registration and refund policies will apply:


We contract with sponsors to provide meeting space and publicity (often at cost), so we can offer live in-person training programs at as low a cost as possible. The closer we get to a start date, the more financial consequences there are for cancellations. (i.e. we pay extra to book a room for the number of people registered then people cancel and still have to pay for a room bigger than we need or to print more materials, etc.) So just like any other training program or university that’s not funded by outside grants or funding, we need to have graduated cancellation refund policies so we can still meet the financial commitments we have made to provide the class.

Refund Policy For Course Cancellations
100% refund 30+ days in advance of the first class.
50% refund 15-29 days in advance of the first class.
25% refund 7-14 days in advance of the first class.
10% refund 2-6 days in advance of the first class.
NO REFUND less than 2 days in advance of the first class.


Our online programs provide proprietary intellectual property in a format that can be saved, consumed, and often even downloaded. Therefore, once someone has access to this content there are no refunds because they have received the content for which they paid and could have saved it. There are two exceptions to this policy:

  • If the refund request is due to technical issues that prevented access to the content and RTITI or its subsidiary has been notified and given a chance to rectify or fix the situation in a reasonable timeframe. Sometimes, because it involves website functionality, we may need to submit a support ticket to a third party vendor, so “reasonable” would be 2 business days for RTITI support team to respond to the initial request and up to 2 weeks maximum for website fixes to be completed unless the support RTITI seeks is delayed. RTITI support should be communicating all this on a timely basis to the registrant, at least weekly. We apologize in advance if you have this issue and will work with you to prevent such delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding of the complexities of offering online programming.
  • If you haven’t gotten access to all the modules, because they become available at different times. Here the refund is based on how many lessons you have access to, even if you haven’t accessed the lessons since access has been granted. The two ways this limited access may occur are as follows:
    • The course lessons are “dripped” by dates. You can be refunded for lessons to which you have not yet been granted access. Example: A 10-session course releases a new module each week over 10 weeks. Once you have access to each new module, the percentage of refund you can request diminishes.
    • The course progress is controlled by the student by completing one module/lesson and clicking a box to indicate that lesson is “complete,” before gaining access to the next module.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team.