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Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! +1 On Google! Pinterest RSS Feed
Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Parents Toolshop
Parents Toolshop

Meet Our Team


Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute, LLC (RTITI) is immensely blessed to have an amazing, highly-competent team of professionals who are not only experts in their field but great people to work with. Their deep long-term commitment to RTITI and its leaders, staff, clients is the primary reason for our success. Other business owners can only dream about having a team like this. You are likely to cross paths with them at some point, so get to know them…


Meet the Amazing Relationship Toolshop® Team:

I am Belinda Long, the Leader Coordinator, Speaker Coordinator (for Jody Johnston Pawel and the Group Facilitators on our Speakers Bureau), Jody’s Administrative Assistant, the Customer Support Rep, and our Content Curator from Xenia, Ohio. I took Jody’s T.I.P.S. class as a foster-adoptive parent.  I was intrigued with her work and found out she was looking for a speaker coordinator and applied for the position.  That is when she practically hired me on the spot to be on the Toolshop® team.  I have a BS in Elementary Ed and volunteered and worked for a non-profit agency for 16 years working with children who have special needs as well as training and overseeing volunteers and professionals using a specialized movement education program.  As a Toolshop® team member, I have learned a wide range of skills and tasks  — if there is something that needs done, I am self-motivated and learn how to accomplish the task.  Seeing how people’s lives are touched when they take a Parents Toolshop® class, I decided I want to teach the curriculum and became a certified Parent’s Toolshop® Group Facilitator.  During my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking and spending time with my husband, son (brought to us lovingly through open adoption) and our chocolate lab.


I am Michael Cannon, the Website Administrator, from Utah. We originally hail from Texas and moved to Utah so we could be near our grandchildren, because the likelihood of our daughter moving to a Texas backwater was none to zip. I am WishList Member Certified and owner of SMARTcutGeek.com. I started working on computers back in the days when you had to type each line of code onto a separate punch card to run on a mainframe that filled a room. I have been the one responsible for making the on-line transformation and expansion of our old (since the internet began) ParentsToolshop.com site into RelationshipToolshop.com and its network of dozens of Experts’ co-branded sub-blogs a reality, while only breaking a few dozen things on the site(s) — trust me, that’s an accomplishment! I set up our Experts’ blogs and provide them with technical support, administer the hub site and exorcise whatever bug, crash, or error anyone experiences when visiting our sites.