About Us

  • Our Vision and Model The Relationship Toolshop®”

    Our Founder, Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, was inspired to create The Relationship Toolshop® on the recommendation of Jack Canfield, author of the mega-bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

    From a stage, Jack held up Jody’s book, The Parent’s Toolshop®, and declared, “The Parent’s Toolshop® has the potential to be a multi-million-dollar best-selling niche series. Its Universal Blueprint® system applies to any relationship, so there could be the “Divorced Parents Toolshop®,” “Couple Toolshop®,” and more!

  • What is The Universal Blueprint®?

    “Loving others may come naturally,
    but effective relationship skills are learned.“
    (And many people don’t learn while growing up.)

    This once-secret universal step-by-step problem-solving system supports you in preventing common relationship challenges and empowers you in planning individualized effective responses to each relationship challenge in minutes! Use it to improve your relationships with children and adults, at home and work, and in the world.

  • Laying the Foundation Documenting RESULTS

    The Relationship Toolshop® is an expansion of the original Parents Toolshop® Universal Blueprint® System, applying a customized version specific to adult relationships.

    Before implementing Jack’s grand long-term vision, Jody completed these key goals with The Parents Toolshop®:

    • EVIDENCE-BASED CURRICULUM: The Parent’s Toolshop® was first a comprehensive parenting education workshop series, developed from an eight-year research-based literature research project that resulted in the discovery and development of the unique “Universal Blueprint® system. The course was studied in a 10-year long outcome evaluation research project with almost 1000 parents, which showed it consistently got impressive results! (See below)
    • BOOK: The original handouts were transformed into a book, which was a top-three finalist for the “Best First Book by a New Publisher” Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association in 2000.
    • TRAIN THE TRAINERS: As other parent coaches and educators requested to use and teach the Universal Blueprint®, Jody developed a leader certification program and licensed over 100 parent educators and coaches worldwide.
    • CUSTOMIZE AND TEST THE RELATIONSHIP TOOLSHOP® curriculum and train-the-trainer programs. This was completed in 2013.
  • The Universal Blueprint® Gets Results!

    • 1295
      Parents Studied

      Of those parents of diverse backgrounds, 992 completed a full-length Parents Toolshop® class.

    • 83%
      Successfully Graduated

      By actively attending and participating in over 75% of the sixteen-hour in person workshop series

    • 99.87%
      Improved their parenting skills

      As evaluated in an outcome-focused pre/post-class parenting skill assessment of 11 skill areas, developed by a PhD Evaluation Specialist.

    • 100%
      Rated the program “good” or “excellent

      83% rated it “Excellent,”96% said they learned new information, and 100% said they would recommend the book or class to others.

    • 92%
      Also used skills to improved adult relationships

      100% said they successfully used the skills with their children in their custody

    • 75%
      Improved 6 months later

      In follow-up assessments, 75% had increased their skills and 75% reported improvement in their memory and use of the skills..

  • Expanding to Create a Legacy Improving Adults Relationships and Serving New Niches

    In 2011, The Parents Toolshop® expanded to The Relationship Toolshop®, to teach the Universal Blueprint® System for Improving Adult Relationships and to co-author new resources, curricula, and leader training with parenting and relationship niche experts.

    Now, we have a blog network that connects you with qualified professionals with expertise in how to improve a particular type of relationship, relationship issue, or bring culture or language-specific Relationship Toolshop® programs and resources to their country. Each is committed to helping people discover, learn and apply a unique problem-solving formula you’ll only find in programs and resources bearing the Toolshop® brand name. It’s called the Universal Blueprint® for Relationship Success. 

    We also have a virtual e-library with training courses and resources from our Certified Relationship Toolshop® Experts and other experts who have research-informed, evidence-based information to share with you in a variety of formats, some even offering continuing education credits.