Welcome to Lesson 1/Step 1!

A. Watch the content training lesson by video (playlist below will start at beginning and advance to next part of the lesson automatically. You can also select » arrows to see drop-down menu of all parts, in order, and select, to pick up where you left off.)

Also listen only to the audio and/or refer to the slides in this handout.

B.  ACTION STEPS: Take the Action Steps listed below the videos.

1.  What’s Your Vision? Your WHY?

a.  Do a Creative Visualization exercise.
(If you have upgraded to receive live, personalized support, we will process your experience on the live support webinar for this lesson.)

2. Set Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals for each growth step.

Be as specific as you can (today, with what you know) about what you want to accomplish at each step.

3. Do the “I AM Motivated – No Matter What!” Exercise. Take a deep breath and engage your heart and mind while considering the questions. Afterwards, answer the questions below.

i)    What is your WHY?

ii)    What area(s) do you know you need to improve to achieve your goals and fulfill your life’s purpose?

iii)    What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

4.  Mindset Mistakes & Reprogramming

a.Write down any mindset challenges/issues you think you have (look at your vision journal and the list above).

b. Read “Goal-Setting — Creating Your Destiny” to learn how to rewrite limiting beliefs into effective affirmations and practical tips for busting through some of the limiting mindsets mentioned in this lesson.

c. Rewrite your limiting beliefs as positive affirmations that are actionable, following the guidelines in the “Goal Setting” document above.


If you have upgraded to receive live, personalized support, you will receive bonus resources for:

  • Bonus training on the science behind an abundant business mindset
  • Bonus webinar recording on Clearing your Wealth and Career blocks,
  • Personalized support in tweaking the language of your affirmations.
  • Personalized support in de-/re-programming unhealthy/unhelpful belief systems, to clear your blocks to success.

Some of these resources feature proprietary processes and techniques from experts who have given Jody permission to only share them with her coaching clients.


when you have completed this lesson, to get access to the next lesson.

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